Every year I write my goals and aspirations out for the year, almost to manifest them. I don’t tell them to anyone, they are kept precisely to myself. I like to visualise my goals, and after seeing plenty of posts across instagram in the last month or so on vision boards, I decided to make one for 2021.

So, what is a vision board?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a vision board is: ‘a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation’

A vision board can be printed out photos and words that can be on your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any wall in your house, or it can be digital as your phone / desktop background. Alternatively, a Pinterest board can also be a simple way to create a vision board without printing, cutting, sticking, organising on adobe photoshop or canva, and it can also be kept private.

How do you make a vision board?

The first thing I did was write out my goals and aspirations for 2021. Under different headings of personal life, career, health, travel and other, I set about my aspirations for 2021 and some ways that I can go about at making those goals a reality.

Next, I headed to Pinterest and created a hidden board and named it 2021. For every goal, I wanted to visual on my vision board I searched for key words and ‘pinned’ the most relevant and the images that spoke to me. I didn’t do this for every goal, but for the majority. For example, I hope that my masters graduation ceremony can occur this year, so one of the photos I pinned was related to a graduation ceremony.

It’s not just photos. It’s also quotes, numbers and whatever you may want on your vision board. For quotes, I went for quotes that were career and relationship based that matched my goals. In 2021, I want to be able to spend more time with my friends, family and boyfriend, whether that is virtually or in person. I want to make more memories, whether that is a phone call, a walk, cocktails, day trips, or simply just spending quality time with the people I love the most. As for career goals, I will be keeping them to myself.

After pinning, I chose the most relevant and made two Canva images. One for my phone lock screen and one for my desktop background. However, I used the same photos and images. Although most of my images are travelled based and travel in 2021 will probably still be very limited, I chose images that can still be achieved in the UK. For example, Skiing. I know I won’t be skiing in the Alps or Canada, but I want to learn and with a boyfriend who is qualified as a Ski instructor hopefully I will be in good hands even if its in Milton Keynes.

Does the vision board have to be specific?

Your vision board can be specific or broad, it truly is up to you. Personally, I enjoyed the process of a broad vision board. I know the travel goals may not necessarily occur in Europe and beyond, but I know that the UK has plenty of beautiful places that I have not yet explored. In terms of career, there were no relevant images for working in football marketing or sponsorship, and due to the current climate that is a long term goal not something that has to be done in 2021. Whereas, the image of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is specific. I would love to go back to a football match this year when it is safe to do so.

Your board can be updated whenever you like, and specific goals could change throughout the year.

I created a vision board for 2021 because …

Writing down my goals in a notebook / journal is all very well, but I don’t see them everyday. Having my goals on a vision board as the lock screen on my phone, makes me look at them and helps to make me believe in them. It is something that is somewhat achievable. I often write down goals and forget about them. Last year I wrote down my 2020 goals and the first time I looked back on them was the last week in December. Yes I had completed about 75% of the goals, and about 10% where no longer relevant as covid got in the way, but I had lost track of what I wanted to achieve in 2020. Even if I don’t complete the goals, I have something there to push me along and make my goals closer than ever before.

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