At 4pm on Thursday 14th May 2020, Tottenham Hotspur & England captain Harry Kane announced something very special on social media. It was announced that Harry Kane was sponsoring Leyton Orient’s shirt for the 2020/21 season, with the home, away and 3rd kit having the logos of Mind and Haven House, and the home shirt saying a thank you to the amazing frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now, obviously the 2019/2020 season has yet to be completed, but the announcement of Orient’s kit for next season is just as exciting as the wonderful contribution that the England captain has made. Leyton Orient have also stated that 10% of the profits from each replica shirt sold will go to the two charities, so even if you are not a fan but you like to collect football shirts or just simply want to donate to a charity, why not think about purchasing one of the three Leyton Orient shirts. 

Obviously it was a bit more of a bigger decision than Harry Kane deciding to simply sponsor the club, as a current Premier League player at Tottenham, there are legal issues. There also needed to be an agreement between the Premier League, the EFL, the FA, Tottenham and Leyton Orient – but it all seemed to work out, and what a wonderful gesture from the England captain. 

It is a first of its kind type of sponsorship, where a current player of another team sponsors the front of another shirt, but this is all in the name of charity and a good cause. With Kane giving back to the club that gave him his first professional chance while on loan, and with Leyton Orient being a League 2 team who do not have the partnerships or sponsorship deals like that of the multi million multi year shirt sponsorship in the Premier League, it really is a lovely touch. Also, for Leyton Orient they have been all over the media, which must be pretty amazing for increasing the awareness of the club. 

As someone who loves sport sponsorship, particularly football sponsorship, I have absolutely loved reading about this story and wanting to know more, so I simply had to write about it as well. This will go down in history, not only for football sponsorship, but for Leyton Orient and the generosity of Kane and his fortunate position. 

If you click on the tweet, you can pre-order your Leyton Orient 2020/21 Kits today, and remember if you maybe adding to your football shirt collection but it is all for a good cause (so don’t feel bad about spending on another football shirt).

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