What a very strange time that we live in? I never thought I would see the day, or even imagined a time when the UK was on lockdown. The same with Italy, Spain and France among other countries, but with Covid-19 hitting Europe hard, lockdowns of countries is simply the best solution to try and stop the spread of the deadly virus. 

Here we are on day 2 of lockdown in the UK, and although people are still commuting to work in the major cities (shame on you business who haven’t allowed employees to work from home yet), or to some people that are still ignoring the Prime Ministers messages about staying at home and only going out for necessary shopping and exercise once a day. The sun may be shining, and the weather is warming up, but staying at home for at least the next three weeks is bloody hard. The weather makes you want to have drinks in the sun with your friends, days out, and exercising in groups outside, but unfortunately that can’t happen at the moment. On the plus side, think how grateful we will become once this is all over, of the time spent in the sunshine, with friends and family, and even working in an office. At the moment we have to be thankful and grateful to the amazing emergency services workers in the NHS, retail shop assistants in supermarkets among other essential workers helping to keep the UK running at such a crazy time. 

It’s at this time when we can slow down from our fast paced lives, without feeling guilty. It’s hard, but it’s a must. 

For me a Saturday morning normally means getting the 6:53 train to London, popping on the tube and heading into central London for my job as a runner at Radio 5 live. I miss my Pret almond croissant at 9am, witnessing London wake up slowly on a Saturday morning, although there are plenty of workers and tourists already surrounding the streets of Oxford Circus. I miss being busy, but I did enjoy a more easier Saturday morning including doing a Yoga session in the lounge before enjoying a mid morning tea. I don’t think we really appreciate what we have in our busy lives till it has to stop like this. 

We may be inside, staying at home, but it’s made me realise about all the little things that I am grateful for. 

I’m grateful for living by the sea and enjoying the fresh sea air. For this amazing sunshine that the UK is basked in right now, meaning my morning runs are a bit more enjoyable. On the note of running, I’m grateful for my legs and the ability to run, helping to build my fitness up and becoming part of my morning routine. I’m grateful for living near open parks to enjoy by myself on my runs, but also grateful for the back garden to workout outside. I’m grateful for green tea and good books which I can finally bury my head in and get on with my 12 book challenge for 2020. I’m grateful for what I have achieved so far in 2020 and the events I have already gone to although that doesn’t mean I am not sad about the events that have been cancelled or not being able to have drinks and food in real life with my friends. I’m grateful for my mum for somehow keeping calm while working in a busy supermarket. I’m grateful for Netflix, Amazon Prime & YouTube for supplying me with entertainment. I’m grateful for fresh food and the ability to bake sweet treats. I’m grateful for this time to get on with university assignments and research jobs and future careers that to some extent I have been putting off. I’m grateful to my friends and my family and also to Bumble for providing me with entertainment by asking lads I match with ‘what’s your favourite biscuit?’ (fyi amazing conversation starter and you can learn a lot about a man by his biscuit taste). I’m also grateful for football and musicals, my two loves, and I definitely haven’t appreciated in the past how much watching them live is something that I live for. Although I don’t go to the theatre as much as football, I miss them both *pops on Chicago the musical asap*. 

But right now I am grateful to my parents, to the bed I am currently sitting in writing this, the sunshine beaming into my bedroom, and knowing that this won’t last forever. 

What are your grateful for?

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