Firstly, how are we all doing? 

I’m on day seven of social distancing, and apart from two runs and a quick stop in town to get an essential product, spending 24/7 indoors is slightly getting to me. As someone who enjoys being social and surrounded by people, highly ironic as I love my own space as well, but social distancing is bloody hard. What’s going on is extremely crazy, and actually quite scary, but for the benefit of everybody’s health, we have to socially distance for the time being (however long that maybe), but we have to remember that we are all in this together. 

If you are working from home, or if you aren’t, podcasts can be a great way to get your mind off of the outside world (i’m talking coronavirus here), and have 30 minutes to an hour to yourself to listen to your favourite topic, or an interview with a celebrity that you admire. *On another note, yoga is brilliant and also something amazing to do for half an hour of your day*. 

As a huge sports fan, living without sport is actually bloody hard – I think it’s more to do with the community connection, the emotional connection, feeling like you belong to a group because you support said team, or just the experience of live sport and the unknowing it brings. Although nothing can beat the feeling of watching sport live, there are lots of incredible sport *we are also going to include health in here as well* and health podcasts to transform you to that sporting world that is currently missing from our everyday life. 

For a while now I have been listening to podcasts on the daily commute to university, and while getting ready in the morning, so luckily I’m already following some amazing PodCasts on Spotify. Not all are your typical sport podcasts, some are inspiring and some are just funny *because we all need some lightheartedness in our lives, especially now more than ever*.

Here are my top podcasts to listen to, to not only get your sporting fix in a time of no sport, but also as a great alternative to TV, Netflix, working from home or studying from home, or if you are still working these could be great for a commute. 


This football show is hosted by three amazing women, and they normally have a guest on the show, to discuss football. There are two shows discussing men’s football and women’s football, and they are still recording even if they do have to record remotely at the moment. The 40 minute ish podcast episodes cover a range of subjects, and it’s lightweight listening.


Now on it’s second series, Alice chats / interviews a range of inspiring people who have overcome challenges in their life. You will feel inspired listening to people’s stories of what gives them strength.


You don’t have to be a football fan to listen to ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’. It’s funny, it’s conversational, and up-lifting. Peter tells some funny stories as you, the viewer, get an insight into footballers life. One of my personal favourites was ‘That Mike Dean Episode’.


The Game Changers podcast is all about women in sport, as they talk about their careers, challenges and what drives them. If you only listen to one episode make sure you listen the Anna Kessel MBE one – the Women’s Sports Editor at the Telegraph. The episode is inspiring and made me want to start my career in sport asap.


If you are looking for a daily podcast to get your teeth in, then this one is for you. With different shows Monday to Saturday, and still going while there is no football on, podcasts include interviews, topical stories and the Preview Show (hasn’t been on since the 13th for obvious reasons). These 45 – an hour episodes are great to listen to in the morning while preparing yourself for the day.


I had to include this one. If you didn’t know I have been working as a runner for the show (it goes live on BBC Radio 5 Live Saturday’s at 11am for an hour – still live on air), and you should all give the podcast a listen. The podcast is away from the competition element with the points and a winner, but there is an extra 15 minutes of sporting talk.



If you don’t follow Oenone on Instagram, then do it now. Oenone isn’t scared to talk about the topics everyone else is. With amazing guests discussing the topic as well, it’s just amazing. From body positivity, to discussing the cancel culture and love / relationships. Just give the show a listen, you won’t regret it.


Although there are no new podcasts (the series ended in December), the duo presents a weekly pop-culture style of show, discussing a range of issues and topics.


I love Fearne Cotton, so there is no surprise that I love this podcast as well. Happy Place really is a happy podcast, with some amazing, incredible guests, discussing a range of stuff.

What are your favourite podcasts?

Alicia x

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