Missing Football? Or just missing Sport in general? Well same. 

I’m missing the build up to matches on social media, trying to pick the perfect fantasy football team for the weekend (which I usually fail at), and the moaning after your team losses (Sorry Spurs you were abysmal as of late, but I do miss moaning at you or about you). I miss the press conferences, and checking BBC Sport for any sport not just Football throughout the day. I miss the rivalry on social media, and seeing the team you hate getting beaten (that one is aimed at Chelsea after getting hammered by Bayern Munich). I miss the team announcements, the commentary of matches (even if they are heavily biased), the punditry, and the post match interviews. I miss the banter on social media, and I just miss talking about football. Basically I miss football.

You really don’t realise how much you love something, or how much you miss something, until it’s not there. Of course football will come back it’s not gone gone. Whether football comes back behind closed doors to begin with in May or who knows when, at the moment health is more important than football or any sport.

Just because we are socially distancing and staying at home, it doesn’t mean I can’t miss football – it’s a huge part of my life. Sport in general is a huge part of my life. I am studying for a masters in sport marketing, I follow the EPL (and some football league – hi Ipswich and Colchester), I regularly attend Tottenham home matches in all competitions, and I spend most of my day scrolling through social media reading and watching football and other sporting events contents. I do actually have a life outside of football and sport FYI.

Here we are, socially distancing due to the coronavirus, and with plenty of time to spare (even if you are supposed to be home working, or studying), and missing whatever sport you love. 

Social media is helping to produce some epic content that is clearly getting sports fans engaged in this awful time, but once again it’s the best thing for all our health. It’s not only football clubs getting involved in ‘competitions’ online with rival clubs. F1 has also launched ‘VIRTUAL Racing’ in an esports Grand Prix starting this Sunday (22nd) you can virtually watch the Bahrain Grand Prix. Okay it isn’t the same, but it’s something to watch on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook if you get bored of Netflix or your family. Alternatively, a range of football clubs and FIFA are also replaying iconic matches on YouTube, and live tweeting along. Arsenal and Ajax have already done this, with Tottenham replaying a classic clash between West Ham from the 2006/07 season instead of participating in what should have been a London Derby Friday Night Football, before being postponed due to the coronavirus. Or if re-watching watches isn’t your thing, social media has already created this content that wouldn’t have previously occurred, including Noughts & Crosses, FIFA20 competitions, hangman, quizzes, and goal chains (Thanks Burnley, but Chelsea had to go to VAR didn’t they). 

Imagine a world without social media, especially for sporting teams and athletes, I don’t know how we would get through social distancing. Now a monetary making revenue stream, engagement is key, and hence the content that football clubs are putting out is all about engaging the fans who are missing the beautiful game. Social media is a great escape from missing football; people are still tweeting, clubs are still tweeting – and that’s just football. There is still rugby content, F1, and the American sports all being active on social media, all creating content, and fans and players creating content as well. Look at the challenges going around the world of football players social media; keepy uppy challenges and best goal challenges – also known as stay at home challenges. There is lots of content out there, and footballers and other athletes are obviously missing their sport just as much as the fans. 

However, if you want a break from social media but still want a sporting fix, here are four programs you can watch to get that sporting fix: 


An incredible and inspiring documentary following Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team from Texas as they compete in the National Cheerleading Competition 2019. Cheerleaders are incredibly athletic, and the drive and determination they show proves their fight, want, and what it takes to be an athlete in the world of cheer. You may not think it’s your thing, but by the last episode you will be so involved in their journey that you will cry and love every single second. You can binge watch this one in a day.


The highest goal scorer in English football history turned 80 last month (February), and to celebrate Jimmy Greaves 80th Birthday BT Sport put together a film worthy documentary of this footballing life and after. Watch the journey from Chelsea wonder kid, 6 months in Italy, and becoming Tottenham Hotspurs record goal scoring, as team mates and footballers of past talk about Greavsie’s epic football life and his struggles after quitting football after his short stint at West Ham. Watch in the evening, or at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon as you watch one of the best players to exist in football.


Amazon have a range of sporting documentaries and series to get your teeth into. Whether that is Football, Cricket, Basketball, or F1 – there is something out there for every sport lover. Some personal picks:

All or Nothing: Manchester City 

Make Us Dream 

The Class of 92 

Inside Borussia Dortmund 


A new 6-part series to get your footballing fix this weekend. Launched today (Friday 20th), a Julian Fellows production gives you all the Downton Abbey vibes as you watch the story of the beginning of football and the FA CUP as you know it today. A mix of football and politics, it’s a story that hasn’t really been told before, between the upper classes that claimed to develop football, and the working class men. Binge in a day, or watch over the course of a week.


If you are missing your F1 this weekend, head over over to Netflix for two whole series dedicated to F1. You will get your inside knowledge, and race action, so it really does have your F1 fix.

And a bonus YouTube video if you are a Tottenham fan or need to get your Dele Dier bromance fix on Celebrity Gogglebox 2018 or the Jack Whitehall Training Days series on YouTube is also a fun watch.

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