What should have been an easy mid-week FA Cup 5th Round for Tottenham Hotspur, ended in a penalty shoot out win by Norwich City FC, Eric Dier running into the stands, and fans moaning on Twitter about a guy eating pizza. 

With Vorm in goal, the hope suddenly turned pretty low amongst many Spurs fans, as Lloris was our injured and Gazzaniga left on the bench. Oliver Skipp made an appearance, and was one of the best on the pitch for Tottenham, along with Lo Celso and Dier

A first half header from Jan Vertonghen, and every bar the 9000 (yes 9000) travelling supporters from Norfolk, thought that Spurs were of course going to sail through to the Quarters. However, that was clearly not meant to be. 

The second half came along, and Norwich equalised with Vorm partly at fault. With 20 minutes to play till the 90 was up, it could have gone either way. It was 90+ when Dier missed a header as he left his CD role and moved almost to the target man role. It wasn’t meant to be. 

Of course it went to extra time and then eventually penalties, which to a Spurs fan was the worst nightmare. 

In the last 15 minutes, and 17.5k in the South Stand were all standing up, cheering on the Spurs boys, as Norwich were looking for the penalties to eventually decide the outcome. 

Dier takes the first and scores, before Norwich miss. However, with Lamela, Parrott and Gedson all missing, Norwich won (and the fans celebrated like they won the cup it’s self). However, that was only the beginning of the nights main event. 

With Spurs out of the Cup, Eric Dier is seen running / climbing up in the west stand, after a fan allegedly hurdles abuse at his brother. Witnessing this from the South Stand in the block closest to Dier’s performance (which I totally get, and glad he stuck up for his brother), was a sight. I’ve climbed over two sets of stairs at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium before, and my hip flexors were not a fan, so Dier clearly has very good hip flexors, but not the point. 

As Norwich were celebrating in the far corner, Dier was being kept off this apparent fan. Bearing in mind those seats are for The Tunnel Club (£30k a year plus season tickets into the 10,000s) or on ticket exchange for £230, you would have thought people there would have been on their best behaviour, but clearly not. 

What Eric Dier did was probably wrong, in terms of being a professional, but I see where he is coming from. Normally that person would have hid behind a phone or a computer and tweet vile abuse. Clearly they weren’t expecting a retaliation, but suddenly got scored when the 6’2 Dier came running at them. He has feelings, and when someone is abusive to someone you love (sibling, parent, partner, best friend etc) that often hurts you more, than when it is targeted towards yourself. You want to stick up for them, and fight off the person who is sending abuse. So well done Eric Dier, for standing up.

As things were heating up off pitch in the stadium, things got even more intense on social media. 

For a while there has been a toxic hate towards Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, and THFC owners ENIC. They have a point. One trophy in 22 years, and they seem to care more about what concerts and other sporting events they can hold rather than the players on the pitch. Supporters don’t support a club because of a concert they could attend in the summer, or whether they can watch an NFL match, they care about the team on the team and want to see them win (trophies included). 

Tottenham were the first club to go a whole season without signing a player, and the effects are still showing. With no back up striker brought in, even when Harry Kane was injured on the first day of the transfer window (1st January) and an 18 year old Irish Lad, who Mourinho doesn’t seem to trust and believes he is slightly too young, there is now an ever growing hate to the board. It is understandably from a fans point of view. 

As tensions are rising between fans, blaming tourist fans for not creating an atmosphere or moaning at fans for eating (ridiculous 🙃) as they then can’t create an atmosphere is quite frankly a joke. 

Yes a Pizza probably isn’t the easiest food or the quickest to eat at a football match, but it’s not like you have all the pizza in your mouth for a solid 20 minutes meaning you can’t chant. If that’s the case then you might as well ban drinking, a sip of water could stop you participating in COME ON YOU SPURS or YIDS . 

As for tourist fans, I’ve seen plenty get involved. Mostly when you are involved in a chant it’s the older people that are looking down on you. With the side eyes you get from fellow fans for shouting and egging the team on, is annoying. Also, you can’t simply blame the lack of atmosphere or getting involved in chants on ‘tourists’. As one) you don’t actually know who are tourists or not – I know of people through University that are from Asia are go to every single match, hence not a tourist fan. Two) What you assume to be a typical Spurs fan sit there in silence and having a judging look on their faces, and 3) Spurs need flags or something, that way more people would hopefully get involved.


  • Spurs lost four games in a row across all competitions, including 3 at home
  • Fans are turning on Levy and ENIC – with some fans getting toxic in the stadium and on social media
  • Eric Dier has amazing hip flexors and loves his brother
  • Everyone has turned into an Eric Dier fan because of his antics, or that fact his last 3 performances at CB have been solid
  • Fans are moaning about what other fans are eating in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on social media – would they have been moaning if it had been chips or a pie?
  • Tourist ‘Fans’ are not at fault for a lack of atmosphere
  • Spurs are going to go at least 13 years without winning a trophy, unless UCL …. it’s a no.

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