With an interest in how social media is used within sport, but primarily football, I have decided to create a new series. Introducing … ‘Football and Twitter’. 

The reality is that my master’s dissertation is going to be on the topic of twitter and football clubs in Europe, and hence I wanted a place to share my thoughts and extra information that I won’t be using in my dissertation. For obvious reasons, I don’t want to be citing / referencing my blog in my dissertation. However, it is such an interesting (for me anyway) topic, and also quite broad. 

With the growth of social media, twitter acts as an online community for football supporters sharing their thoughts, feelings, and of course rumours of transfers. Over the last ten years, football clubs and other sporting organisations, have begun to take Twitter (and social media) as a whole for seriously. Now with dedicated social media managers, social media is used to promote, engage, and connect with football fans. Moreover, twitter has helped clubs growth their global brand awareness through reaching an audience that they would not normally reach. 

Take Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Not a football team who I would ‘like’ on Facebook, or follow on Instagram, but on Twitter it is a different story. With engaging tweets, connecting to fans who are not necessarily supporters of the Bundesliga team – they have made a name for themselves. 

The same can be said for Roma, the Serie A team has used twitter to not only grow brand awareness but also shared campaigns. In August 2019, Roma launched a Twitter campaign to help find five missing children, alongside the announcement of new players to Roma. 

Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Roma are just two examples of how football clubs across Europe are now using Twitter. Some may think that Twitter and Football don’t have much in common, and the story is unlikely, but Twitter has become a micro-blogging platform for football fans and football clubs. Now with live tweeting of match updates, competitions, interacted with supporters, and creating a place where football fans can connect with one another and share their thoughts about matches, transfers, players, managers, stadiums – you name it, football fans on twitter are normally talking about it. 

The relationship and use of Twitter from football clubs in Europe hasn’t been explored greatly by academics, with most of the attention being placed on Facebook – a platform where football teams have more ‘likes’ over followers on Twitter. However, it isn’t weird or against norms to follow football teams that aren’t ‘your’ team on Twitter, yet to some extent is on Facebook or even Instagram. For me, I don’t just follow Tottenham Hotspur on Twitter, I probably follow at least half of the Premier League, lower league Football League Clubs and even some national leagues teams, as well as some European teams. On Facebook, however, I only ‘like’ Spurs. 

There maybe no correlation in this, but it’s an interesting topic to explore. Why do people follow other teams on Twitter? Is it because they create humorous tweets, connect with supporters or just create great content? So over the next eight / nine months, I’m looking forward to exploring the topic more – that’s if I decide to fully go down this route for my dissertation. 

What are your thoughts on how Football clubs use Twitter? 

Love Alicia x

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