It’s that classic derby … Oh wait it isn’t, but considering there are no other team from East Anglia in the Premier League (with Ipswich being the closest in League 1), the trip to N17 is one of the shortest for Norwich. It may not be a derby, but I really hope Greater Anglia are putting on extra trains to Stratford for Norwich supporters before and after, considering a lot of supporters from both teams will be getting trains to and from Stratford. 

Anyway enough of that talk, and onto the football. 

You always knew the season was going to be doomed for Norwich, considering their first game back in top-flight English Football was away to the European Champions on the opening night of the EPL 19/20 – harsh start for anyone, but it was the Champions of the Championship v the Champions of Europe. Now, with Norwich sitting bottom of the Premier League they now take on the European Champions runners up from last season; Tottenham Hotspur. 

Admittedly Spurs aren’t Liverpool, nor have they put themselves in the best position in the season this year, fighting with Man U, Chelsea, Wolves, Sheffield United and possibly Arsenal for a European sport next season. It won’t be the easiest game for Spurs, but if they break down Norwich quickly then with a defensively weak Norwich Spurs could build their goal difference up. However, Spurs aren’t the all around package either, struggling in certain positions. Spurs are missing Kane, but Pukki is back for Norwich.

I am expecting goals (from both teams), but will it be a Norwich performance against Man City earlier this season, or the performance of the first half against Spurs last month? I say I am expecting goals, but then again Tottenham are yet to score in 2020 in the league.



Well it wasn’t quite the goal fest that most Spurs supporters would have hoped for, and to some extent it wasn’t even the most entertaining and somewhat boring 90 minutes. A match in which I just wanted it to end, mainly because it was actually quite painful to watch. It was slow at times, with a number of supporters shouting to move faster and get the ball forward. It wasn’t a class display from either team, both of which lacked any kind of confidence.

Spurs took the lead, but you just knew Norwich was going to get a goal back, and it could have come earlier. With Hugo Lloris back in goal, and giving heart attacks from the 4th minute, he wasn’t troubled a lot, except from when Norwich got a penalty. Not really sure what happened, but with a ‘quick’ VAR check, Norwich were awarded a penalty.

With Dele scoring the opener in the first half, and Pukki (Norwich) penalty to equalise in the second half, it could have gone either way. There were moments when I thought Norwich could win, with Cantwell gong here there and everywhere for Norwich. Then you had Spurs, when forward they had chances, but they also made a lot of stupid passes and sometimes there was just no one there. Then out of no where, and not a very Spurs goal, Dele gets the ball to Son’s head and what do you know Spurs take the lead. It was then just a struggle to keep the lead, and with six minutes of added time it was a bit of a stress for Spurs supporters.

With a very long VAR check for a possible red card for Cantwell – from my view it didn’t look like a red, just a bad foal and a yellow card. That and Harry Winks getting injured in the second half, added to everything being added on. Let’s just hope that Winkys injury isn’t that bad and can be back on the pitch in a couple of weeks.

Gedson got his home premier league debut for Spurs, and from what I saw he wasn’t bad. However, there is one man that we simply can’t forget about … Lo Celso. What a player, and why Spurs haven’t signed him permanently yet is ridiculous, oh wait it’s Levy that why. Lo Celso was by far the man of the match, he might have not scored or assisted but he was causing problems and showing attacking aims.

In terms of atmosphere, well at points you might have thought that the stadium was a library. Maybe it’s spurs lack lustre performances as of late, but it wasn’t helping Spurs confidence levels. Maybe because spurs supporters want new players and want to see some fight, some entertaining football and more intent. I tell you something though, Norwich fans have a voice, and they use it, and I wasn’t expecting that at all. Good on the Norwich supporters who probably already know they will be back down in the Championship next season, but they still seemed to be in happy spirits as they cheered on their team at the bottom of the league.



Dele 38, Son Heung-min 79; Pukki (P) 70

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