Since studying abroad the travel bug has been in my system, and over the years I have taken so many photos (scenic and personal), but have never shared them before. Occasionally I’ll post one or two on instagram, but of the thousands I have taken, I wanted somewhere else to share them.

After looking back through my travel photos over Christmas, I decided I wanted to share some online, well on Instagram, but didn’t want to cram my stories or post them on my personal account. Hence why I decided to create a new instagram dedicated to my travelling adventures.

Introducing ‘Ali Travels Photos’ …

Since New Year’s Day I have made it a daily mission / task to post one travel photo a day onto the account. So far I have posted unseen photos from LA, New York City, Vancouver, Canadian Rockie Mountains, Singapore and even some photos from places in England. Eventually, as travels begin in 2020 hopefully more places and destinations will also pop up on the instagram.

In the mean time, don’t forget to follow my travel instagram!!

Love Alicia x

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