The start of 2020 also means the end of my first term of my master’s degree, and to some extent it doesn’t even feel like I have started it yet. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration – there was one module I hated and couldn’t wait for it to be over, but the other modules were actually really interesting and I enjoyed them.

It hasn’t been the easiest process, and I know I am already a third way through the course. Like at undergrad, some lecturers are useless and mark your essay down based on something they had not once mentioned in lectures, seminars, or online anywhere, and some are great. Do I want to do a marketing report for a theoretical new product for an existing brand ever again under the lecturer I just had? No, never. However, as someone who didn’t know how to write a marketing report (I don’t really know now either), i’m pretty proud to have just passed the module. As for the other modules, so far so good. What I have found is that you also do better in things that you enjoy, and want to write about. Okay, I don’t really want to write about goal-line technology again, but it was interesting writing about a technological innovation in sport.

One thing that has really surprised me is the emphasis on group work. Now this may just be Loughborough, but apart from one occasion in second year, I had never done group work at uni. First term of the master’s and I have worked in three different groups across three different modules. Luckily, I have been in groups with people who want to do the work and don’t let you down; maybe because everyone actually wants to be there and unlike at undergrad people are forced by their parents to be at uni doing a subject they don’t really want to be doing. Two of the group projects have been linked with outside companies in sport and sport sponsorship; LDN UTD, Fifty, Skateboard England and the RFU (yes, only 5 days after England were in the Rugby World Cup we were working with them on a sponsorship project). The opportunities so far have been great, and even the guest lecturer’s are leaders in their field.

On the back of writing a reflective essay (don’t recommend when the literature gets all deep as well as your seminar leader about whether you matter or not), the first term and last assignment have come to an end. As much as I am looking forward to getting back to uni and learning more about sport business and sport marketing, my timetable is intense and the stress of writing a dissertation is already occurring. It’s going to be a challenge, but first term was a challenge as well. First term was all about starting new – new uni, making new friends, new subject, new commute, new trying to work out how lecturers mark and what they want from your work, and a new style of learning. Second term isn’t so much new, but I will be making more time to be social with uni friends, go to conferences and sporting events, and try and work out what I want to do after finishing my masters come September. What is crazy, is that this time last year I wasn’t even planning on doing a masters, let alone trying to find a job in the sport business world.

Love Alicia x

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