The 19th November 2019 will go down in history for Tottenham Hotspur supporters, as their phones buzzed with a notification at 6:30pm from the Official Spurs app. Pochettino had been sacked, and there were some real mixed emotions. From taking Tottenham to their first ever Champions League Final, and more importantly making Spurs a Top 4 Champions League Team – something that seemed a distant thought in 2013. Just 12 hours later, Spurs supporters phones buzzed again, also from the Tottenham app. With rumours circulating for most of November, but Mourinho sniffing around Tottenham since August, it really was inevitable what the announcement would be;

“We are delighted to announce the appointment of Jose Mourinho as Head Coach on a contract that runs until the end of the 2022/23 season” (Tottenham Hotspur, 2019). 

One month later, opinions have shifted. From the sadness of Pochettino being sacked, to the Special One winning over the Spurs supporters. In my household, that was certainly the case. However, in the space of one month a lot has changed. Mourinho has brought in some new people into his coaching staff, that have also clearly made a positive impact on the Spurs lads. 

It may have only been one month, but the Premier League table doesn’t lie, and Spurs have skyrocketed from 14th to 5th. 

With 7 matches down in the last month, winning 5 and losing 2, it has been an interesting month. 

Some may say that Tottenham wouldn’t have won against Wolves in 90+1 if Poch was still in charge, nor would Spurs have come back from 2 nil down against Olympiakos to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League. We don’t know, nor can we really suggest that the Spurs couldn’t, when you look back at that amazing night in Amsterdam in May. 

We have already seen the favourites emerging, although not yet noticeable on who will be the ‘bullied’ one in the nicest way possible. Although, Mourinho subbed off Eric Dier in under 30 minutes against Olympiakos, Dier is one name you expect to see on a Mourinho team sheet. Dele, Kane, Son, Alderwireld also seem to be ‘his favourites’. If Davies didn’t get injured against West Ham, he certainly would be as well. It will be interesting to see where Lamela fits in once fit and not injured from his annual autumn injury. Will Lamela grow and become the player we all see in pre-season, or will he go? 

Mourinho has however brought the fight back. Players are looking like they want to play, and you only have to look at the raw emotion of Toby Alderwireld when Jan Vertonghen scored the winner against Wolves; or, Dele’s skills come back to life against West Ham and Manchester United. The talent is there, however the fight had gone missing for a while, however, how much is this done to Mourinho? 

As assistant head coach, Joao Sacramento, should also be credited for Totteham’s “success” in the last month. The 30 year old, has been active on the touch line, and notably demanded Mourinho to make a substitution after Vertonghen’s last goal on Sunday. Known for attacking football, Tottenham have certainly been scoring; 19 goals in total from Dele, Kane, Lucas, and Son to name a few. 

In reality, it has only been one month, and it is Mourinho, so who knows what will happen in the future. Perhaps Mourinho is going for his third Champions League trophy with a 3rd club (they are in the last 16); maybe FA cup success this season? Who knows? Will Mourinho make this Tottenham team into a trophy winning team, or will they just reach a few semi-finals, like under Poch? 

What are your thoughts on Mourinho?

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