It has been a while since I got political on here, but tomorrow is a hugely important day for British Politics. Thursday 12th December between 7am and 10pm, if you are registered to vote, you should be voting at your polling station in the General Election (unless you have already voted by post).

This isn’t a post to tell you who to vote for, or who not to vote for. With over 24 hours till polling stations close, you still have time to do your OWN research. Don’t just vote for your local Labour / Conservative / Lib Dem / SNP candidate because your friends are telling you too, or your parents, or social media. Lately, there have been alot of social media posts on Twitter and Instagram, almost blackmailing people that they will unfollow someone if they don’t vote for who they are voting for. Everyone is allowed a voice, and their opinion, no matter which party you support or want to be in power come Friday 13th morning.

Here are some websites that might help you make your opinion, from sites that have gone through parties manifestos and presented the information in an un-biased way:

  • Simply Politics – Twitter / Instagram
  • Basement Approved – Instagram (one post looking at Labour and the Conservatives manifestos pledges on young people, mental health, LGBTQ+, and climate change)
  • Galdemzine – Instagram (manifesto pledges explained from Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems)
  • Labour Party Manifesto
  • Conservative Party Manifesto
  • Liberal Democrats Manifesto

Of course, there are also websites where you can complete a survey and it tells you who you should vote for, based on your opinions on topics.

However, it is important to remember that NOT all manifesto pledges will become a reality for whoever you vote in to lead this country. It is very rare that all will become law, or happen in a period of four or five years before the next general election.

The Guardian listed how many of the 2010 Conservative Manifesto pledges become reality, which you can read here. This was the coalition government, however the Lib Dems did go against their manifesto policy of abolishing tuition fees when the coalition government increased tuition fees to £9000. The same can also be said for the Labour Party after the 2005 election, NOT ALL MANIFESTO PLEDGES WILL HAPPEN.

I relate more to Labour manifesto pledges, compared to Conservatives or Lib Dem, but that doesn’t mean that there are manifesto pledges from the other two parties that I don’t agree with. There are some Labour manifesto pledges which will never happen, and you can see through politicians bullshit, but that can also be said for the Conservatives. To be honest, I don’t like Corbyn or Johnson, and would rather neither became PM. I don’t like the history and previous personal lives of either men, but tomorrow I will look past that. I have read up on the manifestos, and I will be voting for Labour, but that doesn’t mean I am not concerned about the future of the UK under a Labour Government, but I feel that way if we were to continue under a Tory Government. All I know, is that by voting I am using my voice, made from my decisions and not Stormzy, social media influencers, friends, or family. I have made my voting decision by myself.

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