Tottenham Hotspur return home in the Premier League since the awful shower against Sheffield United before the International break. However, something has changed, there is a new manager in town for Tottenham as they take on Bournemouth.

With Mourinho in charge of his third Tottenham game (in the space of a week), but his first home Premier League game, it is going to be exciting. At home to Bournemouth you expect goals from the Tottenham lads. The Boxing Day clash brought Spurs 5 goals, and in 2016/17 Spurs netted 4 times, but what will happen this time around. It is the battle between 10th and 11th, and with Mourinho in charge, Dele getting back to his best and there is a new Serge Aurier under Mourinho, there should be a few Spurs goals.

Both teams are somewhat struggling in the Premier League, both with only 1 win in 5 Premier League matches each, a win is necessary for both.


It is a sunny afternoon in N17, and sonny in terms of the assists that were going to occur between 3pm and 5pm. It’s Mourinho’s first home Premier League game, and we can already tell he has his favourites; with Kane, Dele, Son, Dier, and Alderweireld. Dele is coming alive and going forward Spurs are having a whale of a time.

Of course, the man of the moment Dele, is first on the score sheet. Tottenham were good going forward, but finding the goal seemed to be a chore until it was left on a plate for Dele, assisted by Son in the 21st minute. Exactly what Spurs needed. Come the 50th minute and Dele appears in the box once again, and Spurs lead 2-nil, this time with a superb pass by Toby Alderweireld. Toby’s passes are just out of this world sometimes, and today they were pretty on point. However, before the end of the first half Sanchez has the ball in the back of the net, only for it to be ruled out by VAR (although unaware in the stadium, thanks for the lack of communication).

The third goal was coming for Spurs. Now the question is, who would be the man to score it? Will it be Harry Kane, or will Dele get his third? Or perhaps Son will score after missing a great chance in the second half. Nope, it wasn’t one of them. It was time for the big man to get his name on the score sheet – OH MOUSSA SISSOKO. Yes, you read that correct, and the stadium erupted in his chant as he celebrated in the front of the South Stand. It was a well deserved goal for Sissoko, although he did have an amazing chance in the first half, but decided to pass instead of shooting himself.

However, that’s where some of the happiness ends. Incomes Harry Wilson for Bournemouth, and he scored twice. If there is one thing Mourinho needs to do, it is sort out the Spurs defence and keep a clean sheet. The back three formation worked well for a while, but it was obvious Spurs would concede at one point.

Aurier was kinda floating between right back, and winger – almost like he had free reign. Although, Aurier is like a new player under Mourinho. The same can also be said for Dele, playing in a role behind Kane that suits him so well, however, as supporters we have known for a while that this role suits him the best – it’ s nothing new.

Tottenham head to Manchester United on Wednesday night, but can they can it 4 in 4 wins?

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