In life we all have our reasons for why we shop in certain shops, why we watch that artist live, and when it comes to sport we somehow find a connection to a team that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a sports fan or not, you will probably have some link to a certain team. Whether it’s the team that whole family supports, or the team that your boyfriend drags you to watch, or the team that you simply love through thick and thin. Being a sports fan is weird, but the connection we build up to our team – whether that maybe football, rugby, or cricket – or to a certain professional athlete – tennis, F1, gymnast – we all have a reason for supporting them.

One day you don’t just wake up and think ‘I’m going to support Manchester City today for the rest of my life’, the connection to a team doesn’t happen over night. For me, Tottenham Hotspur have always been part of my life, and part of my wider families life for a very long time. However, half the ‘Johnson’s’ support Arsenal, so you can already probably guess we are a North London family. I’m just glad my Dad decided that Tottenham was the way to go, even if we haven’t had Premier League success, the great European nights at White Hart Lane are always talked about.

The story starts with my grandparents. My Dad’s parents owned a DIY shop on Tottenham High Road from the 1950s through to the mid 1970s. Hence, my Dad spent most weekends in Tottenham. The stories of buying the match program, or finding out the score before the age of social media or the BBC Sport App. Then you have the stories of old Spurs players eating in the cafe next door. Over the years my Dad, and my Nan, have told me these stories. I’ve also been told about the great European nights of the 1984 season. My Dad was there at WHL that night when Spurs lifted the UEFA Cup. However, it wasn’t till about four five year ago, when I got into football. Of course growing up with Football (and other sports) always being on TV, football has also been in my life. I now have that emotional connection to Tottenham, and to now attend matches with my Dad is even better.

The ironic thing is, I also have a connection to Ipswich Town – again through my Dad. My first match was Ipswich v. Millwall, and my Dad also has stories from the time that Ipswich Town were pretty good. I should also support Colchester United, being that it was my local team, but Tottenham and Ipswich will probably always come above Colchester United.

What is the reason why you support your team?

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