With Christmas approaching, a thousand University deadlines, trying to find a balance between work, uni, and having a social life, on top of trying to exercise and eat healthy. Life is really busy, and it is rare that I have time just to relax, and have some ‘me’ time. Yes, I know that sounds stereo-typical, but honestly, I just want a day to do nothing; well maybe do some yoga, do a face mask, and eat pancakes. 

Everyone goes on about mindfulness, whether that is in real life, or on social media. Even after downloading countless mindfulness apps it feels more stressful than relaxing. It probably doesn’t help that I seem to be constantly busy as of late. Doing a master’s degree is all fun and good, until you have six assignments, multiple team reports (finding team to meet your team is also a nightmare), trying to find a dissertation supervisor, and the commute to London (have I ever stated how much I hate commuter trains, because they suck and are overpriced for when the train is almost always delayed during some point in the journey). Then there is money. I need to keep working to afford to commute to London, but at the same time I have no time to work, do university work, and have a social life, and exercise. Wow, my body is craving a run right now, but when I do have time it’s rainy and windy, my lungs will tell me to fuck off. 

On the subject of having a social life, how much does it suck as an adult trying to arrange drinks, or a meal, or an outing, or a night out when you and your friends all have a hectic life. When one of us are free, some can’t make it. It’s almost like you have to book in to see your friends months in advance. It’s official, adulting sucks, and I miss the time you could just send your pals a text and be like ‘want to meet up in half an hour’ and boom everyone is free. Yeah, in adulthood, it simply doesn’t work like that. Then there is trying to arrange drinks with your new uni pals, and again everyone is busy and we all lead such manic lives. You can also have them times when you can’t be arsed to leave your house because you are just simply tired and socialising seems like a chore. Now, I am not even going to get started on dating. When do I have the time to go on a date with the cute lad I matched on Tinder with when we don’t even live in the same town and I spend most of my week in London. Side note – also quite scared to meet a lad off of tinder, like imagine the dangers. Okay stop Alicia, you will never get a boyfriend if you keep thinking that every lad you fancy will want to attack you. Seriously though, I just want to go on a cute date with a nice lad, and go to Christmas markets and get hot chocolate and talk about how shit Tottenham are right now, but I can’t because going on Tinder dates scare me and I have NO time. See my point, feeling very overwhelmed right now. Breathe. 

Also, you also need time to do things that YOU want to do. For me, it’s going to the football, eating, going to other live events.

Then there is exercising and meal prepping healthy food. I just don’t have time, nor do I have the money to attend over priced F45, yoga, pilates, or boxing classes. I just want to be fit and healthy but my bank account says no. Instead I would rather go running, because it’s free and I can clear my head, but I leave the house too early (when it’s dark) and come back too late, and quite frankly I want my dinner then bed. So then I look to YouTube, because for 10-20 minutes you can do a great Lilly Sabri or The Body Coach workout – yes, they are my faves, and I look like a twat in front of the TV, but again it helps to clear my head and let’s me get a sweat on. Then when do I meal prep. I made soup on Sunday evening for three nights, and now it’s Thursday and I can’t be bothered, I’m tired, and a jacket potato and baked beans seems like a good idea. 

The thing is, should I even feel bad? I look on social media, and although everyone seems to have their shit together, we all know they don’t. I may not do all the reading for my masters, and I may take a daily nap on the train, and eat a Cadbury bar, but then I feel overwhelmed and stressed, even when my daily list has all been ticked off. 

Basically being 22 and feeling overwhelmed seems the norm, it sucks. Here’s to finding solutions that stop me from feeling overwhelmed – so just pass me a G&T or a large glass of wine. 

Now you can breathe as well.

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