One month in, and I have already completed my master’s first module. Okay, I lie slightly, I have finished all 10 three hour lectures, but I still have a group project and video presentation to complete in the next ten days. The realities of being a master’s student are significantly different to undergraduate level, with the main reason being, everyone actually wants to be there.

The reality of being a masters student is, that the work never stops, however, it doesn’t feel like a chore. At undergrad, work was constant, with essays, readings (which no one really did), presentations in seminars, and of course the social life. At master’s level, the work starts the moment you step foot into your first lecture, however, you actually want to be there and aren’t forced there by your parents. With a reading list, where the reading actually needs to be complete, especially in those modules where the lecturer is quite frankly shit, and the marketing text book comes in very handy. Surprisingly, the reading lists are not actually that long or intense. I remember at undergrad seeing a reading list of 30 books (plus) for one module in one semester, so far I have only had to read one or two chapters or articles per lecture. I am not tested on my reading, except for the odd group work, which you don’t actually need to do the reading to do. Then again, I have only sat through two modules, one marketing module, and the other, sport business and innovation. The work, however, is quite intense. So far (touch wood), my actual workload, in terms of assignments has been low compared to other students studying their masters elsewhere. At Loughborough London, most of the assignments are linked to group work and projects, over individual assignments. Personally, I have never been a major fan of team projects at uni, with people not pulling their way, but so far so good, and team work is working.

The reality of being a master’s student is that it is tough, but becoming specialised in a subject that you enjoy and can see your future career in, actually helps with the whole toughness. For me, it’s the commuting. A two hour door-to-door trip, twice a day, is a bit of a killer, and let’s not talk about the prices of trains (Greater Anglia your pricing sucks). Trying to fit reading in, writing assignments, researching stuff for assignments and group work, as well as spending four hours of my day commuting is tiring. I have, however, found a way to try and fit more uni work in. I use my time effectively on the train (unless its 7am in the morning, and its nap time already for Alicia), to do some reading or research – this is also dependent on whether Greater Anglia WIFI works. I try to get to uni early to do some work, and if my lectures finish by the early afternoon, I hang around a bit and do some work in London before getting the train home. The tiredness is real right now, especially working in retail at the weekends.

The reality of being a master’s student is that, I am still not sure if I will get a job in sport marketing, communications, or social media, come September 2020. Trying to get internships, or voluntary experience in sport is hard, hard, work. Constant rejections, and my CV still only has retail experience and a year studying in Canada. So if any Premier League club (okay, I’m not fussy, any Football Team), or sport marketing businesses, need an intern please hit me up. Okay, I am actually being serious, the thought of not getting my *dream* job come September 2020, after paying £10,550 for my masters, scares the shit out of me.

Are you studying for a master’s? Or have you just graduated for your master’s program?

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