With the nights drawing in, and the cold wet weather becoming a day to day reality, the summer wardrobe has gone into hiding (under my bed), and the autumn / winter clothing have made a comeback.

Although autumn isn’t my favourite season being a summer baby, I adore autumn fashion. The layering, the boots, the different textures, and of course the jackets. Although I am on a spending ban, I needed to buy a few new things for my autumn wardrobe, including the *amazing* leather trousers from Topshop that everyone raves about, a few new sweaters (including a Tottenham Hotspur one which is probably the beast sweater I have brought this year so far), and boots (my growing boot collection is getting out of hand).

For me, autumn is all about dark colours, faux leather, and comfort yet stylish pieces that are just classic. I’m all about high neck thin jumpers with faux leather or denim skirts, with a blazer or edgy jacket. I also love the sweater and skirt look, especially for university – cosy yet you look good.

As the nights draw in, the black Topshop Joni jeans come out, yes admittedly I need a new pair as mine are very faded, but I here for them with the cropped jumpers and body suits, with high top black converse. I am also ready for the oversized turtle neck jumpers with skinny jeans, however, it isn’t quite cold enough yet.

Then we have my favourite tee shirts from Topshop, perfect for layering, yet look stylish under a simply black leather jacket, like mine from River Island. Talking of jackets, I am a huge fan of the cord jackets at the moment, perfect for the mild weather days where a coat is too heavy, but you don’t want to leave the house without some sort of jacket.

October is the perfect time to start experimenting with autumn fashion, from cute tea dresses that you previously wore bare legged in the summer, now with tights and a thick cardigan and some converse to create a more causal look. Boots haven’t massively been apart of my wardrobe yet, as I am still stuck in my converse and vans, perfect when commuting to London, or watching Tottenham play (yes, I am numb to them right now). For work. working in a men’s fashion high-street chain, I do love to wear a pair of heeled boots, just to jazz an outfit up and look a tad more professional.

When November fits, I know the jumpers (and the big old coats) will be out, but for October I am just enjoying wearing layers without being too hot. I am very much a skirt girl, although a skinny jean look with boots and a chunky knit will soon be part of my daily wardrobe.

What have you been wearing throughout October?

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