After three months since Manchester City won the Premier League, Friday 9th August brought about the new 2019/2020 season, and oh it’s it just brilliant. Regular football every weekend (well except for international breaks), Match of the Day, finding dodgy streams to watch your team play, and all the emotions of following football (and your team). The Premier League is back, but will it be a two horse race again? Will Tottenham Hotspur break the mould with Liverpool and Manchester City? What team will try to break into the top 6? Who will be relegated?

With the first weekend of fixtures complete, debuts scoring goals, fans mocking rival players on social media, and City putting 5 pass West Ham (nothing changes then for City), Premier League football is back. Probably the biggest shock of the weekend was Manchester United putting four past Chelsea, as well as Brighton winning away at Watford, and Burnley putting three past Southampton. Then of course there were players making their Premier League (or Club home debut) scoring; from NDombele at Tottenham, Daniel James at Man United, and Maupay at Brighton.

However, what will the rest of the season bring?

Here are some of my thoughts / predictions for the season!

There will be a three horse race for who will be Champions: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester City will probably win for the third time in a row, as they have he depth and the class. The gap will be closer between Liverpool and Spurs this season, now Spurs have invested and have more depth in the squad. Whereas, although Liverpool won the Champions League they haven’t invested like last season and they were lucky with injuries last season, which they may not be as lucky with this time around. 

Everton, Wolves, and Leicester will try to break into the top 6, but will get found out come end of January / February time. Wolves perhaps before Christmas if they qualify for the group stages of the Europa League. 

Manchester United and Arsenal will secure 4th and 5th, and have their own battle for a Champions League spot. 

Newcastle will struggle this season, especially after losing Perez to Leicester and their manager.

Burnley will survive another season, but by Christmas they will be playing the horrible ‘lets park the bus, and just put 10 men behind the ball, and hope for a draw’. 

Norwich will try their hardest, and will hopefully play an attacking style of football that is enjoyable to watch for the whole season. Would love them to stay up, but can’t see it. The same with Sheffield United in terms of relegation. Aston Villa will perform the best, although 14/15th will probably be there best, considering how much money they have spent this summer. Aston Villa maybe the next Fulham, or they could be like Wolves and shock everyone, although I can’t see them in Europa qualifications this time next year. 

Chelsea are hard to predict, and perhaps the only top 6 team not to finish in the top 6 next year. They have put their trust in Frank Lampard, and I would like to see him succeed, but with a transfer ban and losing their best player, ‘Hazard’, it will be hard. After losing 4-nil to Manchester United, you can tell they are already struggling, although there were times in the game (around 45-60 minutes) where they were playing nice football and looked like they were going to equalise. 

Bournemouth, Southampton, and Brighton will all survive, but all in the bottom half of the table. They have all been in the Premier League long enough, and they will steal points off of the top six, and the likes of Everton, West Ham. 

West Ham could be relegated, but at the same time I can also see them finishing 10th. They will have a dodgy start, but they will gain from wins against teams you would expect them to lose too (i.e their cup final against Tottenham). Update, they got smashed by Manchester City 5-nil and their new striker didn’t show much in front of goal. Currently they are bottom of the table, although it is only game week 1, so reality is the table tells us nothing. 

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