July 1st 2019 – 6 months left of 2019, but also only 6 months left of this decade. Soon we will be in the ‘roaring twenties’ – oh how we can dream – and 2019 comes to a close. Hence why I am setting myself some goal for the rest of 2019, and this decade.

While having my morning scroll through Instagram, all I saw was inspirational posts about today marking the 6 month mark till the end of the decade. It got me thinking about what I want to achieve for the rest of the year, but also what I have achieved so far this year, but also this decade.

For me, July 1st is a turning point. Today, at preciously 1:01pm I received my classification of my University grade, so say hi to Miss Alicia Johnson BA International Relations (Including Year Abroad) 2.1. So really, July 1st is an end to an era, but also a day that I should be proud of, because I completed a friggin degree after crying my heart out on A-Level results day 2015 after not getting the grades I needed. Well here I am nearly four years later, and it all worked out pretty swell.

Anyway, back to the meaning of this post – goals.

1 Run a 5K or even possibly a 10K

I have been running on and off now since the end of March, in terms of just going out for a run. I did quite a lot of running while training with Lacrosse, but it was never an end goal to run a 5K. Okay, I did force myself into one 5K run back in April, but I felt dead afterwards. I have now downloaded Couch to 5k, and I’m determined to run a 5K by the end of August – we shall see.

2 Gain experience in social media, communications or digital marketing within the sporting industry

My career goal is to get a job within a communications department at a Premier League Football Club, however, I lack experience. My only real experience in social media is this little space on the internet, and the fact that I have grown my Twitter to over 40,000 followers. The next six months is a chance for me to try and get my foot in the door within communications in the sporting industry.

Finished University? Now What?

3 Travel abroad myself

I have a thing for travelling solo, simply because you have so much freedom to do whatever you like. You can also meet loads of amazing people in hostels along the way. Last time I went on a solo adventure was in April/May 2018 in Canada and the U.S.

Why I Love Solo Travel

4 Grow my blog

After neglecting my blog for a year due to university I want to really focus on creating content again. I now know where my heart lies in terms of the content I want to produce, and hopefully that will help with further growing the blog in terms of followers.

5 Practice Yoga at least 3 times a week

Mainly because for 20 – 30 minutes I become more mindful, but also because I want to increase my flexibility again.

6 Get out of retail

After five years I am so done with retail, and I’m in need of a graduate job.

What are your goals for the rest of the decade?

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