I have always seen myself as active, sporty on the other hand, probably not. However, I have always enjoyed watching sport from a young age, with my parents watching Tennis, Football, Rugby, and F1 to name a few on TV. Am I sporty though, just because I enjoy watching sport and have been involved in a number of sporting activities.

Ever since I was young I have always been doing something. It started off with dance when I was four; ballet, modern, jazz, street, except for tap I did it all. From dance shows, musicals ran by the local youth theatre, to dance examinations, I was constantly active and enjoyed it. Then came netball in probably year three, my first team sport. The idea of training after school with your friends, and playing other local schools in what was probably a mini league – it was fun, and who doesn’t love running about when you are eight. I continued netball into high school, well for year 7 anyway, but my focus still remained dance, although I loved being in a team sport. Next was horse riding on a Saturday morning at my local yard. Horse riding was only something I got into because my best friend had a horse, so I copied. Well, actually I didn’t copy because my parents would have laughed in my face if I had asked about getting a horse. Again, horse riding was something I enjoyed, something I competed in, but then I got to 15 and decided I was no longer into it. I fell off, hurt my pride, and no longer liked my instructor. Also, I didn’t want lessons anymore. (I had fallen off multiple times, but the last time felt the worse).

While in High School, I only participated in one sports day where the teachers made me do high jump because I had long legs, and the 200 meters, which I didn’t want to do either. In year 8, I was ‘sick’ on sports day, in reality I was buying concert tickets for The Wanted. So when the time came in year 8 to pick between dance and PE for my GCSE’s, I choose dance and I have never regretted that decision. Although I missed rounders terribly. However, once in sixth form, I did nothing for two whole years. Dance had finished and I no longer went to a dance school, and I had given up horse riding.

Before going to university I knew I wanted to get back into dance and sport, and with the abundance of sport clubs on campus I really could choose any sport. In my first year I stuck to what I knew, dance. I also tried pole dancing for a term, which is something now I regret not continuing past Christmas. Second year came and I was missing the outdoors, and team sport, so I went to lacrosse try outs. Lacrosse is a sport that I have enjoyed playing, and it also helped getting aggression and stress out, and my fitness levels increased. While studying abroad in Canada, I took up cheerleading, and shock horror I joined the gym. Okay, I only joined the gym because it was free and was a five minute walk from my accommodation, so I really had no excuses.

Am I really sporty though? Yes, I have been part of team sports, but I wouldn’t call myself sporty. In fact, I probably enjoy watching sport more than playing, especially in terms of football. Active, maybe? Well, I have tried to become more active by downloading the Couch to 5K app, and trying my hand at Yoga.

As I have already stated, I’ve always watched sport of TV and seen live sport from football matches, the Olmpyic’s in 2012, to baseball in Canada (I really don’t recommend). Ice hockey on the hand live is great, and something everyone should experience once in their lives.

Coming from a household that supports Tottenham Hotspur, and football has always been on, (and tennis for that matter), I’ve always enjoyed watching football. Except on my 9th birthday, the weekend after my 9th birthday when all I wanted was a party on the Sunday, three major sporting events occurred and I was not happy, nor did I want to watch them; World Cup Final, F1 British Grand Prix, Wimbledon Men’s Final. Ironic when I collected the cards for the 2006 World Cup in the yellow folder. (Who remembers that and trading the cards you had double with the ‘lads’ while on lunch?) However, the 2018 Football World Cup was a different story. I basically watched every single game. Okay back story, I had just came back from living in Canada, and was only on a 4 hour contract at work, hence why I could watch so many games. Yes, nearly every team, and I wasn’t just on the England hype like some. Of course, I enjoyed the England games the most, but that Spain Portugal game was intense, probably not as intense as watching England in a penalty shoot up and praying to god that Eric Dier didn’t sky the final penalty or it be saved (lol, happened for Spurs this season though didn’t it). Then, we had Wimbledon in the middle of it all. I really was in my element.

This again brings me back to my question, am I sporty, or do I just enjoy watching sport? Well, I enjoy being part of a team sport and I know that after graduating next month I am going to throughly miss not being part of a team sport from September (well actually it was May). However, I will still be watching sport, and as I write this post the tennis from Eastbourne is on in the background.

So maybe I have been sporty, and I do have an itch for being involved in sport or some type of team activity or group. I would probably say I enjoy watching sport more though, well until 29 seconds into the Champions League Final 2019 – yes I am still not over it, and probably won’t be. I really do enjoy watching sport.

So what about you? Do you consider yourself to be sporty? Or do you prefer watching sporting events?

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