University has given me many opportunities, and most of which I have had to get out of my comfort zone to get the full potential out of them.

Maybe getting out of my comfort zone did not happen in my first year of university, and I still regret not joining Lacrosse in my first year. However, when I decided to join Lacrosse in my second year that was a massive jump out of my comfort zone. It was a sport that I had never played before, so I was turning up with no idea and not knowing a single soul. That was one of the best things that I did in my second year of university. I was able to play an outdoor sport again; meet some incredible people and have fun. Yes, it was completly outside of my comfort zone, but I do not regret it one bit.

The trouble with staying in your comfort zone is not you forget there are opportunities and exciting ventures outside of it, that you will probably enjoy and make friends from. I knew that jumping out of my comfort zone and into an outdoor sport, when I had not played an outdoor in many many years was going to be terrifying, but I loved every moment of it and I can not wait to get back to it in October.

Studying Abroad has been a major event in my life so far. The opportunity to live and study in another country for an academic year, has not only been exciting and challenging, but also terrifying to begin with. There is getting out of your comfort zone and then getting out of your comfort zone, and studying abroad is the second. The prospect of moving to a different country and not knowing a soul, was quite frankly terrifying, espicially for someone who regards them self as shy. However, six months in and studying abroad has changed me for the better. Not only have I moved to Canada, I took up a new sport; travelled by myself; made friends not only from the UK and Canada but around the world; visited places I would have probably have never have visited if it wasn’t for studying abroad.

It is amazing how much you can grow as a person once you let yourself leave your comfort zone. Sometimes it is betting anxiety, I know what that feels like, but afterwards you are proud of yourself and cherish the memories you made from breaking down that wall. Leaving your comfort zone, is challenging, but if you stick within your comfort zone you experience less. Now, I am not telling you to move to another country or travel by yourself, because that isn’t everyones plans, desires or dreams, but it is about letting yourself do stuff you want to do without being trapped in your bubble.

Love Alicia x 

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