It is safe to say that 2017 was a very different and unique year. A year where I stepped out of my comfort zone well and truly, but also a year where I almost neglected this little piece of internet.

Memories were made, but it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. My 17 moments in 2017 reflect some of the happier memories in my 2017, but this isn’t the place to talk about the negatives.

A Reflection on my 2017 Goals

It is certainly clear that I did not complete the majority of my 2017 goals, especially those that are in relation to my blog and social media. This year, I am not going to set goals for my blog, because quite frankly I am not bothered about mastering the so called ‘perfect flatlay’ or gaining a certain amount of followers. My Blog, my Instagram and my Twitter do not have to be perfect, but now days act as a diary; reflecting where I have been, what I am doing, rather than focused on beauty which this blog orginally started off as. I have however already given this little space on the internet a little bit of an upgrade  – hence the new theme. I am hoping that the new theme and layout will help me fall back in love with my blog and writing.

One 2017 goal that I have smashed is to travel more. Back in August I took the leap and jumped on a plane to Canada, which you are probably all tired of hearing about by now. Now, lets see where I will travel to in 2018.

Maybe with the help of my gym membership being included in my “university fees” at Trent University in Canada, the gym has been a regular occurance since September. As an exchange student I’m not paying university fees, so I am going to the gym for free. I’m proud of being able to run a mile and half without stopping, although catching my breathe afterwards took equally as long. In terms of fitness, after finishing second year and going to lacrosse training twice a week for six months, I could run around the astro pitch without needing to stop; so I was pretty proud of that one too.

2018 Goals 

When originally thinking about my 2018 goals, I didn’t want to set myself any goals for the new year. However, I am a planner and a bit of a organisation freak, so I like to set myself goals. This year I am going to make the goals more realistic, and achievable.

Try a read a book a month 

Take a solo trip 

Take a group trip 

Take more photos – and not on snapchat, more on my camera 

Start to plan and write my dissertation on something that I want to write about – bring on International Relations and NOT Canadian domestic politics (sorry it is a tad bit boring) 

Pass my year abroad – whether that is just passing, or passing to a high grade, this year is all about passing and not worrying if it is a 2:1 or a first 

Apply for as many internships as possible to figure out what I want to do after University 

Start to apply for graduate jobs in a field I am yet to figure out – maybe it will be politically, maybe marketing, maybe business development 

Take up Lacrosse again in my “forth” year – now I feel slightly old 

Run – maybe a 5K or 10K by the end of the year 

Talk to more people – develop new friendships and work on older friendships 

Go vegan for a month 

What are your goals for 2018?
Love Alicia x 

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