2017 you have been crazy. Who would have thought that little old me would move to another country? Well actually my degree title does have in brackets, but who would have thought I would have travelled across the Atlantic and not stayed in Europe. The only terrible is, I am now hit with the travel bug. 

L O N D O N – F O R  M Y  M U M ‘ S  5 0 T H  B I R T H D A Y // 24 Hours in London

It has become somewhat of a tradition to travel up to London on a family birthday, and at the beginning of the year when my mother turned 50, we headed up to London again. The weekend stands out for how incredible ‘Mamma Mia’ was, and seeing my mum so happy. 

D E R B Y  D A Y  2 0 1 7 
After going no sports clubs in my first year of university meant that I missed out on the famous day between Essex and UEA. This year however, I travelled up to Norwich with the Lacrosse girls and boys to play against the local revival. Unfortunately we lost, Essex lost overall as well, but the day was still incredible. For March it was a hot day; we played lacrosse in the sun and the day drinking began. I didn’t quite make it out, but I was there for the pre’s back at Essex and finished with a McDonalds. It was a good day. 

A L D E B U R G H – E A S T E R  W I T H  F A M I L Y 
Good Friday means the infamous Aldeburgh Fish & Chips, which is not only incredible but also so cheap as well. Whenever visiting Aldeburgh, which seems to be once a year on Good Friday, also brings about the annual visit to Aldeburgh Jack Wills, where I always seem to spend a penny or two. 

S U F F O L K  S H O W  2 0 1 7
The Suffolk Show has become an annual tradition, but this time with my best friend as we have been going to the Suffolk show most years since we were about 12. We have been in the freezing cold and brilliant sunshine. 2017, was the year of brilliant sunshine and endless amounts of sorbet and Churros and looking at cute dogs all day. 

I  V O T E D!
At the age of 19, and missing out in voting in the last general election by 2 months, I honestly did not believe that I would be voting in a general election at 19. Of course I voted in the EU referendum, but I did not thing that I would get the chance to use my vote in a general election so early in life.

After a stressful second year of university finished, and working almost full time, the annual family trip to Majorca was a great relief. The week was spent sipping on mojitos and tequila and listening to endless podcasts. Bliss. 

C A R D I F F – J U S T I N  B I E B E R  P U R P O S E  T O U R 
On the 30th June I decided to travel across the country to Wales, simply to be front row in the pit for Justin Bieber. I stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time, waited outside the stadium for 8 hours and got talking to some lovely people and got to see my favourite person live. 

B R I T I S H  S U M M E R  T I M E  H Y D E  P A R K 
Two days later and two more trips through London Liverpool Street, and I was standing third row in Hyde Park with my mum on probably one of the hottest days on the year so far. Sorry mum for dragging you to see Justin Bieber for your 5th time, but I saw you jumping during Martin Garrix, who was just out of this world.

T U R N I N G  2 0! // Turning 20
And just like that I was no longer teenager, and to celebrate was a trip to see 42nd Street, although I had already been in London for the majority of the weekend. It was hard saying good bye to the teenage years, but I suppose that is what it is like growing up and becoming an adult. 

S U M M E R  L E A V I N G  M E A L S 
With preparation for the great study abroad year starting in September, August meant meals and gatherings. Whether that was with family, friends or even work where I spent 99% of my summer. It brought Afternoon Tea, BBQ’s, Cocktails and memories. 

F L Y I N G  T O   C A N A D A // I move to Canada, tomorrow
Sunday 27th August, the day I got on a plane by myself and flew out to Toronto to spend the next 15 weeks studying and making more memories. Honestly, flying by yourself really isn’t that bad when you realise that you are not the only one on the plane or in the airport that is about to travel by theirselves. I managed to successfully claim my study permit and got safely to my hotel, before falling straight into bed at the airport hotel. The next day claimed travelling into Toronto for the first time and maybe making a cheeky purchase in Sephora. Then on Tuesday, I was to travel to Peterborough on a yellow school bus with other exchange and international students. I felt like I was in a movie, before thinking ‘what the hell have I done’. It was worth it. 

B A S E B A L L  G A M E  I N  T O R O N T O 
On possibility the hottest September day I have ever experienced, baring it mind it was the end of the month, four brits decided it would be the perfect idea to head into the city to watch the Toronto Blue Jays get smashed by the New York Yankees. Who knew a baseball match lasted for three hours? It was an experience, not sure I would go again, but it is a highlight of 2017. 

H O M E C O M I N G  W E E K E N D
Homecoming weekend was made special by really being a part of the great Head of the Trent. As part of Trent University POM Cheerleading Team, I performed with the rest of the team during a rugby and football match. Trent lost both games. I watched rowing; went to a beer garden and actually drunk beer for the first time in my life; I realised exactly what school spirit was really all about. 

N I A G A R A  F A L L S // Niagara Falls

On the 7th October and the Canadian Summer still in effect, off we went to Niagara Falls (in a yellow school bus again). Three hours later we arrived in Niagara. We visited the falls; saw the rainbow; went to a brewery; and played mini golf in 30 degrees. Truly a magnificent site. 

E X C H A N G E  S T U D E N T S  D O  T H A N K S G I V I N G
A stand out moment of the year and a memory that I will NEVER forget. All 13 of us in one annex, cooking a turkey and chicken roast dinner and a dessert. We played games; drunk probably to much; set fire to the turkey; and I think I may have fallen asleep around 11pm after getting there 12 hours previous. The day still makes me laugh. 

M O N T R E A L // The foodie guide to Montreal
When reading week swung it at the end of October, Montreal was first on the list. We stayed at HI Montreal, which I would highly recommend for it’s central location and being within a 3 minute walk from the metro station. Exploring Montreal brung about Mont Royal; Old Montreal; Cocktails in the cutest student friendly bar with games and slightly overprices cocktails; Mile End, a cute road of brands and thrift shops, cafes and bars; and brunch, a lot of brunch. Okay, I exaggerate, we had two brunches out of the four days we were there for. 

Q U E B E C  C I T Y // 48 hours in Quebec City
The second half of reading week allowed us to visit Quebec City. We stayed in the Unesco World Heritage site of Old Quebec, with the European feel running straight through the small city instead a city. Poutine was consumed at Poutineville; we found a hidden treasure of a tiny Parisian style bar playing live Jazz music; explored old Quebec and photographed the most photographed hotel in the world. As well as seeing what Quebec nightlife had to offer (maybe Montreal beats Quebec City), Quebec was a short trip which began our 14 hour greyhound journey back to Peterborough.

17 Moments of 2017, although I missed out effectively the last two months of 2017, the 17 moments I mentioned were stand outs. November and December brought about a Cheer Rocky Party; exams and essay stress; a 12 Bar Christmas Bar Crawl; flying home; Cambridge; Christmas and a final visit to London. 
Happy New Year! 
What were your stand out moments of 2017? 
Love Alicia x 

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