If there was one thing that was on the top of my ‘Canada to-do’ list, then it was Niagara Falls.

There was just something about Niagara Falls that interested me. It was the place that everyone asked if I would be visiting and that they were jealous because I could go to one of the most talked about waterfalls in the world.

As soon as the trip was advertised on Facebook for International students, and I received as e-mail about the trip I went straight to the International Office to sign up. $50 later I was on my way to Niagara Falls. A day at the beginning of October, when the horneblower would still be operating so you could go into the falls.

After nearly four hours on the school bus (yes, like the ones you see in the films), a bum that felt like it had been flattened and a bladder that needed emptying, we finally arrived at Niagara Falls. The tourist town that was a mix between Blackpool and Las Vegas, although I haven’t been to either so I am just going buy what I have seen on TV and in the films. A brightly coloured town, with all the attractions you could imagine and restaurants to serve a small army. You had everything, from haunted houses, mini golf with a dragon that breathed fire and rides. However, the first thing on our lists, on a very hot October Saturday, was the falls. 
Out came the camera and iPhone, while others did the same, and some got out their go pros as well. We all rushed to take photos of the falls. Although, personally I was not overwhelmed. Perhaps I had something in my mind before hand.
Don’t get me wrong, it was spectacular, but just not what I imagined. I thought the falls were going to be bigger, but they are actually quite small. However, still a sight to see, and something that I am glad that I have witnessed. 
After we were all taking photos, off we went to get on the boat. We received our red ponchos and we got all got on. Time to see the rainbow, get drenched by the spray and get into the falls. Making sure to protect the phone and camera for when the water really hit you, but the view was amazing. Canada to your left, the United States to your right. 
After the boat ride came food and drink. On an October day that was well into the later 20’s, a Niagara Cider seemed to do the trick, but setting off to Niagara Brewery for some lunch. Not my first option, but ya girl ordered a beer and I drunk it all. My Dad said he was proud when I facetimed my parents later in the week. The brewery was slightly overpriced, well for the food anyway, but again, something I can glad I did and went to. 
With only an hour and bit before we had to get back on the yellow school bus to head back to Peterborough, it meant a round of mini golf, which you can clearly tell I haven’t played in a while. However, I did get a hole in one, which I guess is something to be proud of. 
Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? Or are thinking about visiting Niagara Falls? 
Love Alicia x 

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