As someone who is a huge fan of writing lists, and bucket lists; whether it is to do with place I want to go, things I want to do, or a list of uni deadlines and things that I actually have to do, to somehow complete my degree. I love lists.
The other day I came across Notes from Joana’s blog post on reverse bucket list, and it inspired me to think about all the things that I have achieved in my 20 years on this planet. The idea of the reverse bucket list, is to write down everything (or just some things) that you have already accomplished.  It is a great way to reflect on your own life and to start to put things into persepctive and realise that you are pretty great and you can achieve things, even when you fell like you really can’t.
M Y  R E V E R S E  B U C K E T  L I S T 
  • I passed my driving test, with four minors.
  • I started university, and moved away from home during my first year of university. 
  • I moved to Canada for my third year of university. 
  • I got my first job in a retail shop and I grew in confidence because of it .
  • I went on a plane by myself.
  • I have visited 10 countries. 
  • I met Justin Bieber, twice. 
  • I started this blog, and somehow have kept it up for nearly three years. 
  • I was in a ballet when I was 10. 
  • I cam second in a dance competition.
  • I completed my ballet exams. 
  • I learnt how to ride a horse, and took part in a few competitions. 
  • I travelled to Cardiff by myself for a concert. 
  • I completed my GCSE’s and my A-Levels. 
  • I joined the Lacrosse Team at university. 
  • I joined the University Cheerleading Team, in Canada, and performed in the half time show during Homecoming weekend. 
  • I had my photo taken with dolphins, because I was too young to swim with them.  
Have you ever thought about making a reverse bucket list? 
Love Alicia x 

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