There is nothing worse than having nothing to do on a long haul flight, especially when you are by yourself. Yes I have been there and ticked that off – the flying solo part, the boredom part, well I don’t think I actually got bored on the 7 hour 50 minute flight to Toronto.  
Well Alicia, how do you keep yourself from boredom on a long haul flight you ask? Simple, come prepared. 

If you want to survive a long haul flight, then you need to keep yourself entertained somehow. Whether that is by doing the thing most people do; watch a film or TV show on the built in TV’s, or creating your own entertainment. 
One of my personal things I love to do is get deep into podcasts. I will download a variety of podcasts from funny things, to real life stories, to the general chit chat of life. A personal favourite is ‘How I built this’, which is an interview with a range of business owners from the founders of Airbnb to the creators of the Lonely Planet guides. The ‘At Home with’ series by The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles is also a good shut as well. 
If podcasts aren’t your thing, and you checked the guide to what is going to be showing on your flight before hand and nothing floats your boat, then why not download some Netflix programmes on your phone or iPad before.  
There is also nothing than a good book. Whether it is to help you relax and put your mind at rest from flying, or just to simply keep you busy for a few hours.  

A flight can make you feel gross simply because you have been sharing the same air with unknown and sitting in the same sit for god knows how long. There is nothing better than removing your make up at the beginning of the flight, applying some moisturiser and getting ready for the rest of the flight. You may even want to do a face mask to help you relax, or at the end of the flight to clean your teeth and get changed in that tiny toilet. 
If a mini facial isn’t your thing, if just applying hand cream or writing a list of products you want to buy in your chosen destination may just help. 

I know, you can still get bored of a film, your book, or taking so long on your inflight beauty routine and there is still time to kill. Then why not plan out your Instagram feed; edit some photos; go through your photos in general and maybe make a montage of your footage from your trip; or take time to plan exactly what you want to do at your destination. 
And if you really don’t know what do, then sleep. Sleeping is just great. 

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