If there has been one thing that I have missed since moving to Canada in August, is decent food; brunch, eggs, fruit. Really, university campus meal plan is awful, and all I am craving is fish, avocado and fruit. Oh I sound so basic right now. 

M O N T R E A L knows how to brunch. Across the city you will find small cafes and restaurants serving brunch basically everywhere. Although, we had breakfast included at our hostel, there was something a bit more exciting than eating toast and a banana in the hostel common room.

3817 St. Denis, Montreal 

You know sometimes when you are just walking around at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and you are getting hungry and craving brunch and you spot a cute, but busy cafe? Well this is what happened here. For October, the weather was around 20, which meant sitting outside was the best option. In terms of food, I went for the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Now, what I have noticed is that breakfast in Canada, always seems to come with roast potatoes, and these roast potatoes were great. I also got a side of fruit with my scrambled eggs as well. 
200 Notre Dame, Montreal 

Now, I knew about this place before stepping a foot in Montreal. It is a bloggers dream in terms of the decor and the food. You can get all the Instagram photos you wish and more. For brunch I ordered the avocado on toast with smoked salmon, and oh my was it good. It is a big portion, but it easily fills you till dinner, with a few snacks in between. 

L U N C H 

2005 Peel Street, Montreal 

Again, the weather served as great for the end of October and we were lucky enough to sit outside in the patio area, watching Montreal life go by. That day we were all feeling pasta and luckily pasta was on the menu. The tomato linguine, was served with a Caesar salad, while the table next to us were talking about how they had friends who had worked for Bush, Obama and Trump. It’s a classy place, but actually quite cheap, depending on what you get. 

D I N N E R 

436 St. Francois Xavier Street, Montreal 

If you are looking for over priced cocktails with an ice lolly in them and vegetarian food, then this is the place to go. Although, the cocktails are small and over priced for what they are, the good is really good. Whether you want a poke bowl, pizza or sweet potato fries. I personally want for a pizza and it was great. 

Now I can’t remember the name of the Irish pub that we went to, but across the city there are loads of Irish pubs. Whether you want more traditional British / Irish food, poutine or nachos, you will probably find something on some menu somewhere in the city. 

F O R  T H E  S W E E T  T O O T H 


Know, I really should have got the name of the restaurant that did these pancakes, but it is in Mile End and they do brunch and main meals as well. Personally, I didn’t eat them all as I didn’t realise how big they were going to be, but it helped with the craving of sugar. I only had one, but they were only $8, plus tax. 

If you are a fan of cookie dough, then you will love this shop on St. Denis Street, where they sell it by the scope. I went for the oatmeal and M&M one, but there is chocolate flavoured ones; peanut butter; and original to keep you go. Bear in mind it is very rich. 
Love Alicia x 

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