‘Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’ 

My first long haul flight was last year, when I went to New York for the weekend, and on Sunday marks my second long haul flight; this time to Toronto. Growing up, family holidays have always been to mainland Europe, whether that was Spain, Italy, France or somewhere else. Until, I flew last year, skincare on a plane didn’t bother me. I would just ignore how my skin felt and would probably apply a face mask once I reached my destination if my skin was feeling gross. 
Over the last few years, I have realised just how important skincare is, and how finding the right skincare can transform your skin and how you feel about your skin. Now, I’m not a crazy person when it comes to inflight skincare, but I do like to remove my make-up. For this I will either use simple face wipes (not pictured) or a cotton pad with micellar water (not pictured), to try and help any breakouts from occurring. Then before the end of the flight, I like to apply The Body Shop Tea Tree mattifying lotion, which not only helps to hydrate the skin but I also know that it will help with the appearance of any pesky spots that might want to breakout. Finally, I like to apply the origins Ginzing eye cream, which is my everyday eye cream, which should sort out any dryness around the eyes. I also like to carry some samples with me, whether that is a mask; face wash or a cream of some sort. 
Make Up
Sometimes I simply won’t bother with applying any makeup after a flight, because the flight arrives late at night or I know the first thing I will be doing once I got to the hotel is have a shower or jump in the pool. However, with my flight to Canada on Sunday, I need to look smart and not half died as the Immigration officer has to give me my study permit and check all my documents. Therefore, I have decided to take one La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo(+) which has a light coverage, and if anything else needs covering up (maybe them bags under my eyes), then Benefit’s Boi-ing industrial strength concealer should come to the rescue. Then to make me look a bit more alive I will be applying L’Oreals Paradise mascara
For me, I don’t think I have ever been on a flight without a hand cleansing gel, as planes are quite frankly disgusting and so are airports. Therefore, the Soap & Glory Hand Maid is somewhat of an essential, when you want to eat; after you have been to the toilet; before doing any skincare or makeup etc. Carrying on with the hand theme, Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Hand Cream will also be used. I actually picked up this one for £1.50 in the Cardiff store back in the beginning of July, which was a bargain for a 75ml tube. I have also packed a This Works mini body lotion, which I may have pinched from a hotel room, just in case my arms feel a bit dry. 
What are your inflight beauty essentials? 
Love Alicia x 

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