We live in a world where we can not go a day without hearing something politically on the news or social media. In a world, where political events over the last couple of years have been huge; well any political event is huge, whether it is a local election, or an election for a new prime minister or president; new foreign tensions or foreign policy changes, politics effects everyones lives. 
In the snap general election in June, it was one of the first elections where I have witnessed the majority of younger people on social media actively engaged in politics; although some were trying to tell other people how to vote based on their personal opinions and not what others would view important to them. However, the same occurred in the EU referendum, young people are getting more engaged in politics. 
One day, our generation will be the ones running the country and the world, when you look at the bigger picture. We will be the ones that will be influencing other people, and it is important to get our opinions and ideas across. 
Whether you have a political party preference, or have no idea what political party you will be voting for again in just under 5 years at the next general election; politics is something that everyone will have an opinion on, and it’s important that the young voice is heard just as much as O.A.Ps. Whether we are engaged in politics via social media; watching the news; or as a member of a political party and actively engaging in party political politics, it is still important to get the across our view point and opinion. 
Love Alicia x 

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