The older I get, the more things that I suddenly want to achieve or new skills I want to learn. In my head I have a set of goals of things that I REALLY want to achieve, and a few things that I want to do for myself, to better me as a person. There are also a few skills that I want to learn because I never learnt them as a child and now I am 20, I still want to learn those skills for myself. 

1. LEARN A LANGUAGE | Now I may have a GCSE in Spanish, which I say very lightly because I know the bare minimum and it definitely did NOT help when we were staying in an all speaking Spanish hotel last year. Last September I signed up to learn French at university, but pulled out after the class was at 8pm on Monday evening, like no thank you. However, as I am going to a country were they do speak French, maybe 2017/2018 is the year when I pick up a bit of french that is not just the basics. 
2. PHOTOGRAPHY | I have this idea in my head that I will sign up to a photography class one day and actually learn how to use my camera, instead of keeping it on the automatic setting and hoping for the best. 
3. SURF | One day I picture myself on a beach in Oz at a surfing camp. A family friend has recently been to a surfing camp in Australia and loved every moment of it. I know it sounds a weird one to include, but it always looks like a fun thing to do, even though I will probably be shit at it. 
4. DECORATE A CAKE | Yes I know this sounds a weird one, but one thing I have always really struggled with is decorating cakes. I can bake, and if I say so myself pretty well, but decorating is a different level. I can never seem to get the icing right and it always looks a mess, even when I do follow the instructions in cook books and online recipes.

What skills do you want to learn? 
Love Alicia x 

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