Dear 10 year old Alicia,

Welcome to the double digit life and the last year of being in primary school or junior school, whatever the hell the thing is where 10 year olds go to school. Enjoy the hell out of that last. Go all out for the last year of primary school; like the world book day dress up day, don’t go as a St. Trinians just because every other girl in year 6 is going as one. Like girl, this is your last chance to dress up as what ever the hell you want. Dear 10 year old me, don’t follow the crowd and be unique. 
You love to dance, so keep at it. Keep going with ballet, modern and performing arts, as you love it. Don’t give up when you get to 15 because it has become a core and has got too darn expensive. In latter years you will release that £140 for 10 weeks of ballet lessons is pretty cheap in comparison to that concert ticket you have just brought; or that leather jacket you will probably only wear once or twice. Do all the shows you can do; whether that is at **** dance school; youth theatre or with high school. You get that same buzz as when you were 4 as a fish dancing to the little mermaid on stage for the very first time. Dear 10 year old me, do what you love and don’t stop because of things that will not be important in a few years down the line. 
Don’t worry about the spots that are already coming up on your face. Yes, the teenage years will be full of tears and worries because you have spots on your face. It’s fine, skin care treatments are great when the hospital never get back to you about a medical acne treatment that kinda scared the shit out of you anyway. You will reach 20 and your skin will look the best it has been since you were 10. No little white heads or red horrible bumps that cause much pain. Yes you will have some scars but you will learn to love them, as that is who you are. You will probably get upset when you are 12 or 13 and boys start calling you names about your spots, but guess what them same boys are going no where in there life (as observed on Facebook). Dear 10 year old me, don’t let the spots on your face ruin your confidence; make up is great and a decent skin care routine is amazing. 
On the subject of school, don’t worry about your year 5 teacher who said you had no imagination and wouldn’t get anywhere in life. You will prove that fucking women wrong. You will go on get A’s in English language and you will always be in the middle or top set for all your subjects throughout high school. You may not get the best a-level results, but sometimes things are meant to happen for a reason. If you got the a-level results you needed for a certain university you would be in a very different place right now and you probably wouldn’t be moving to Canada in 4 weeks for your year abroad. School can be shit. High school can be a bore, but you will miss it. You will miss your GCSE science class when basically all the girls where in the same class for 6 hours a week and although most of the time all you did was chat and have a laugh and then be teased about Justin Bieber from the boys on the table as well, you will do so well in your GCSE exams and also miss them times when you leave high school. Dear 10 year old me, don’t listen to what primary school teachers are saying because you will prove them wrong and trust me that’s the best feeling. 
Over the next 10 years you will be hurt, emotionally (damn boys) and physically (damn horse riding) but that’s all about growing up. You will experience new things and do things that 10 year old you would not imagine. You will achieve a hell of a lot in 10 years, and probably a lot more than you have already. You will make your parents proud; you will learn to drive; you will get a job; you will go to university; you will start to explore the rest of the world out there. You will also do things that you probably don’t want to tell your parents or grandparents as they may want to disown you, but they will probably forgive you when they remember they were your age once. Dear 10 year old me, your teenage years will be some of the best of your life, you may not find the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with but you will make some incredible memories and make some incredible friends along the way and still be friends with people who you are friends with today. 
So dear 10 year old me, there will be times when life sucks and there will be times when life is amazing and you don’t want that moment to end. You will give up stuff and start new stuff, but being 10 is great when you have no worries and social media isn’t a thing of such. Like does Facebook or Twitter even exist?
Dear 10 year old me you are only just getting started in your life, so enjoy it to the max. 
Love 20 year old me x 
Love Alicia x 
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