Sometimes I forget about the things I am grateful for; the blessings no matter how big or small; or the things that bring happiness into my life. It is something that is often over looked, and I no for certain that I am one of them people who just forget to think about all the great things in my life right now and how they should NOT be over shadowed by the negative things you would rather forget. 
Right now I am grateful for quite a few things, but here are just 5 things that I am grateful for right now. 
1. My Parents – Yes we should all be grateful of our parents, but sometimes I forget how much they do still do for me, even at 20. It’s the small things like doing my laundry or very kindly paying for my car insurance whilst I go off to Canada in August; or just simply putting a roof over my head. 
2. My Skin – Right now my skin is probably the best it has ever been since I was about 9. Yes, I was that kid that had white heads as a nine year old who hadn’t started her period yet and no one else had a giant white head on their chin. Now, my skin is basically clear. Not sure if it is drinking 2 and a half litres of water a day or finally taking the time to invest in my skincare routine. 
3. Live Music – I have always enjoyed live music; whether that is a theatre show or a concert. At the end of June and the very beginning of July I was very lucky to see Justin Bieber from the front row and from the second row, and that honestly brings me so much happiness and I’m truly grateful for that experience. 
4. My own time – It’s nice to have a few days off of work and focus on me, rather than others. It’s nice to work out; give myself a mini facial by invading my growing collection of sheet masks and other masks; actually bothering with my nails and finally getting my brows done again. Also grateful for the time to binge watch Netflix and not feel guilty. 
5. Summer – It may sound stupid, but a bit of sun and the warmer weather instantly lifts my mood. Perhaps that is because I am a summer baby and my heart probably lies in some beautiful place with beautiful beaches. The summer in England can be equally as good, especially leaving by the beach, which I don’t take much advantage of, but it is nice to know it’s only down the road. Also, I would be very grateful if the summer sun and weather could last a bit longer, please. 

What are you grateful for? 
Love Alicia x 
A little side note. I accidentally disconnected my blog from bloglovin which resulted in me losing about 800 followers, so if you could please go and give my blog some lovin’ over on bloglovin! Thank you! 

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