With having 10 days left of being a teenager, which scares the living shit out of me, it is probably time to share some thoughts of my current 19 years and 355 days on this planet. 


1. You can’t please everyone all the time – not even your parents 
2. Being shy isn’t bad, it just depends how shy you are at that moment in time 
3. Going to a concert, or doing something you love, gives you one of the best feelings out there 
4.  Don’t be afraid to say YES, and jump at that opportunity 
5. Also, don’t be afraid to say NO if you don’t want to do something or go somewhere or take that overtime when you already have plans or just want to be lazy 
6. Some people are fake and the quicker you find that out, the quicker you can get rid of them out of your life
7. Water will clear you skin up, and not all water tastes the same 
8. We can’t be good at everything 
9. Some people will break you heart with out even realising it 
10. Not being liked back sucks, but move on and find someone who likes you for you 
11. If you enjoy something, do it, even if you are bad at it 
12. Social Media is a curse and a blessing 
13. Take every opportunity, even if you are scared shitless about it 
14. Its better to have a small group of friends that you can tell everything to and are there for you, than having a large group of friends who couldn’t really give two shits 
15. Supporting an artist and being a super fan is okay, and who gives a shit if people judge you about it, its your life not theirs 
16. Cities are great, but being in the countryside is better 
17. Eat all the food and drink what you want, because you only have one life
18. It is okay to be scared and anxious about certain situations 
19. Buy cheap, buy twice – just buy the one that is more expensive or of better quality, because the chances are it will last longer 
20. It’s okay to go on nights out and kiss that hot guy who you will probably never see again, or flirt with that gorgeous lifeguard at the hotel when on holiday – no one is here to judge you, and if they are they are probably just jealous. 
And a bonus one 
21. High School sucks when you are there, but you miss the time when you were there; seeing your friends everyday and not having to do adult things. 

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