The last time, and only time, I went on holiday to Majorca was 14 years ago, back in 2003. As a mere 5 year old, soon to be 6 should I add, all I remember is getting out of the hire care at Caves of Drach; making friends (and having a boyfriend) in the playground part of the hotel; eating skittles and going on a plane for the very first time. Okay, I don’t remember going on a plane for the very first time, but I did and I’m sure it was a great experience. 
Skip forward 14 years and one month to June 2017, and I’m back to the island where I went on my first ever proper holiday. Okay, not my first because I went to Disneyland Paris in 1999 and 2001, but I have no memory of them two trips whatsoever. So Majorca, was the first proper holiday that I kinda remember. In 2003, we stayed in Alcudia, this time we stayed up the road (probably more down the road as it is more southern) in Can Picafort, in a nice hotel called Haiti. 
After a trouble filled departure and transfer, after nearly 7 hours of travelling and missing lunch by 10 minutes (Thanks TUI for the hour wait on the coach at Palma airport and the useless coach driver who got lost!), it turned out to be a great holiday. 
Unusually, there were no day trips out of the resort. All six days were spent around the pool, or in the pool. It didn’t really seem to matter. The entertainment team at the hotel were lovely and but on activities throughout the day, which were actually more aimed at adults than kids, cocktails by the dozen, pizza and the glorious weather, it didn’t matter about exploring. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I love exploring new places, but after working 30 hour weeks for the last four weeks and university work, all I wanted to do is relax, which meant laying out in the sun and the occasional swim. Plus it is always a bonus when the entertainment guy is actually really hot, although slightly annoying to dry and make you play water polo, darts and whatever other games they were trying to make me play, when your parents take part in everything. Okay, not going to lie, kinda liked the attention, but I didn’t want to play darts or killer pool. However, I was forced into this stick game where you had to catch the stick out of the guys hand, but I did volunteer to do water aerobics twice. 
The one night we did take a trip out, was to Son Amar. The best way to describe it is a Spanish Las Vegas show, mixed in with an incredible meal. I mean i’m not the biggest meat eater, but if every piece of pork tasted as good and as tender as the piece in Son Amar, I would eat pork everyday. Plus, free wine on the table. I say free, it’s part of the price, but still. The show is incredible. Everything from singing, to comedy to dancing and the traditional flamenco as well. I actually went the first time I went, but according to my mum, I ate my dinner and then fell asleep. Seriously, take a trip, you wont be disappointed. 
Can Picafort it self, has some beautiful views. Although it has a beach, a tiny beach at that as the tide always seems to be in and the  €15.50 euros a day to hire a sun lounger is off putting when you have everything free at the hotel, the coast is surrounded by mountains and the views are amazing. From my hotel balcony, I had the view of the sea but also the mountains coming in land and some hotels but we wont count them. The main ‘strip’ is full of shops, and not just ‘beachy’ shops selling suncream, floats and water, but actually some pretty classy stuff as well. There is even a Mango with air-con which is great at 8:30 at night when it is still 30c, before heading back to the hotel for more cocktails, or strawberry vodka, and the evening entertainment to begin. 
Note, if your parents are anything like mine and try to peer pressure you into doing Karaoke, and the hot entertainment guy then tries to make you do a duet of ‘Love Yourself’, when you know you cant sing and haven’t had enough alcohol yet for that much embarrassment, you will probably get called the shy girl for the rest of the week. Thanks Mum and Dad.  
Anyway, Majorca and the summer holiday is done for the year. The hotel was lovely, the food was actually quite good for an all inclusive in Europe; the alcohol was kinda watered down, which meant one Tequila canon or Pink Paradise or Mojito turned into 10; and the weather was amazing. 

Until next time Majorca, next stop Cardiff.

Have you ever been to Majorca? 
Love Alicia x 
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