Do you ever compare your Instagram to other peoples? Like, their feed is so perfect and yours is like naw, seriously not happening. 

I remember when I first got Instagram back in 2011 (which has since been deleted), and there wasn’t a thing for themes and everything having to be perfect. The only reason I got Instagram was because of Justin Bieber and some of his strange filters he would stick on his photos. I followed fan accounts, and not slick blogger accounts, like I do today. I kinda liked it back in 2011. Yes I was posting fan photos, and not make up or an outfit post (which yes I still suck out, so mirror selfies it is for an outfit, like I don’t have an Instagram husband or someone who is willing to take photos of my outfits when I can actually be bothered). 
I suck at Instagram. 
Yes, in the last few months I feel like I have kinda improved. I now know how to use tags (I think, but who knows), and good lighting and clearer photos get you more likes, and somehow I have gone from 930 followers at the beginning of the year to 1170. Yes, I know that number is still small compared to others, but after being suck on 930 for a good 3 years, I kid you not, it feels kinda good to have an increase in followers. 
I also suck at Instagram because my Insta has no theme. 
This whole theme thing though. I mean I have tried and failed. Like I had a good New York spell, a pretty holiday vibe last year, and I had some green and pink sort of theme running but yeah I get bored. Themes are so tight. Maybe I want to post a photo from a concert where it is black, and that doesn’t go with some light white theme, because who cares if it doesn’t go or doesn’t look perfect all the time. I like to be different. 
In some peoples eyes, because I don’t have a ‘theme’, I suck at Instagram. Well maybe that is try, but sometimes themes can be boring. 
I can’t stand following accounts that have this flat lay of makeup on a white background since 2014. Like please stop, it’s boring. I personally prefer accounts that are more interesting and captions that are actually interesting. Yes, I know I suck at that as well, but i’m trying to improve; I promise. 
Yes I probably do suck at Instagram, but at the end of the day I quite like how my Instagram looks. It may not be perfect, nor do I get hundreds of likes or thousands of followers, but I’m quite proud of how my Instagram looks at the moment, even if I do spend too long on it everyday, but who really cares. 
If you are however interested in my Instagram, you can find it here!
Love Alicia x
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