Have a really just spent a couple of hours scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? 

The answer to that is yes, apparently. 
It’s Mothering Sunday, we have just been out for a meal and everyone is in that ‘i’m kinda sleepy mode’, as I have spent a good hour on Instagram. Yes, an hour. To be honest, I’m not really sure why or even how that happened, but it did. 
In the morning the first thing I do, is check my phone. Has Justin Bieber posted a new snap on Instagram? What’s happening in the world of Facebook? Any latest gossip going around on Twitter? Yes, I check it all. 
Sometimes I think that I actually am addicted to Social Media. 
I remember getting my first iPod back in December 2010, and that was probably the moment when I became somewhat addicted to social media. I was 12 and Twitter was the thing. Everyone wanted that follow from their favourite celeb, or when the latest concert tickets were going to be released. This was the time before Instagram, but also the time when I posted some awful Facebook posts. I cringe thinking about it. 
Instagram is kinda my thing at the moment. I could scroll for days. Finding new inspiration for travelling the world (one could wish), or finding the latest beauty products that are all the rave. Yes, it happens to the best of us; getting caught up in the Instagram world and i’m slightly ashamed. 
To be honest I don’t remember the last time I sat down and actually read a book. Instead i’m reading tweets on Twitter or watching the latest YouTube video. 
We are in an era of where we document everything online. From where we are eating, to what we are eating, what we are wearing and what we are buying; where we are going and where we wish we were. We live almost through a screen, instead of taking every moment in. 
Sometimes I wonder, if I really am addicted to Social Media and this is coming from the girl who hates to see multiple posts from ‘friends’ on Facebook about what they are eating for tea, or whether they have just cleaned the house. But am I just as bad? Equally, I post on Twitter and Instagram where I have just been to eat, or moaning about University work which I probably shouldn’t moan about because it was my choice to go. But surely that’s just as bad right?
At the end of the day, I do a quick check of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, just to be nosey or to see if I have missed important news (JUSTIN BIEBER JUST RELEASED TOUR DATES// CHERYL COLE GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY BOY), well not that important in comparison to the real world and real world problems. 
However, on the topic of news and social media, isn’t it how we find out about some of most important news in the world. Just on Wednesday I found out about the terrorist attack on London through the BBC app and the breaking news notification. You read articles online, that have been shared via Facebook. Sometimes news gets to us quicker because of social media, but I don’t have to be addicted to social media to go on social media and find these things out. 
One of the things that I want to do in the near future is do a day of no technology. No social media, no laptop and no phone. Will I survive? Well of course I will, but I know it will be hard. 
Who actually needs to check Instagram every hour, or scroll down Facebook when the reality is it’s just a load of boasters who aren’t really friends, or reading tweets about stuff that you probably didn’t need to know or want to know. 
Am I addicted to social media? Then yes, I probably am, but at least I can change that. 
Are you addicted to social media?

Love Alicia x
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