I have always loved London, and living just an hour and half by train from what some argue as ‘the greatest city in the world’, one can sometimes forget it is basically on my door stop compared to others. 
London for me has always been for day trips; whether that is a museum visit, to see a West End Show or see the sites. Funnily enough, that was what last weekend was all about. 
For my Mum’s 50th Birthday, we decided to go up to London and see Mamma Mia and make the trip a bit extra special and stay in a hotel, instead of trying to rush back for the 11:18pm last train back to Clacton.
While the Friday, was a bit of a stress in the morning (no trains in the morning because of a broken over head line, but the train we were on was the first running of the day), the afternoon comprised of eating cake, drinking prosecco in Charlotte Tilbury while my Mum got her make up done (and I spent 4 week worth of petrol) and having a meal at Smollenky’s, before the 7:45pm performance of Mammia Mia. The Saturday, was spent wondering around Covent Garden, walking up to Oxford Street while my Dad moaned about he didn’t want to go shopping, before catching the tube over to the V&A museum (which was kinda a let down). While the afternoon was spent looking around the James Bond museum, just off of Covent Garden, before catching the train back to Clacton. 
Love Alicia x

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