We all have this protective bubble that we all try and stay within, but somethings you have just got to break that bubble and go out there and do something new. 
During my first year of university I kinda stayed within that protective comfort zone bubble, except for trying out Dance and Pole Dancing, I did sod all. To be quite honest, I regret not joining a sports club and societies last year, because it would have made first year so much better. However, this year I have already stepped well out of my comfort zone and joined a sports club. Yes I have finally joined something at university and sticking with it!!!!!! 
Now you are probably all thinking, ‘well what then?’ I joined Lacrosse. To be honest before I played it I had no idea what it was about. All I knew is you had some kinda stick with a net on the end of it and you played with a ball. I still don’t really know the rules, or really how to play, except for shouting in the opposite teams face ‘ON BALL’ and it scares the hell out of them. 
In all honesty, Lacrosse is fun. 
I have been able to play in my first competitive sports game since I was about 12 (good old High School Netball days) and made new friends, and actually started exercising. Although I have come to the conclusion I am the unfit one, who fails to do a lap around half a pitch, but I am getting there and I am enjoying it. 
Sometimes you just have to fight your fears and go and try something new. You may not want to, but the rewards will outweigh it all. 
Have you done something out of your comfort zone lately? 
Love Alicia x

Please feel free to leave a comment! 

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