Okay I have been a totally shit blogger the last month. I am blaming in on university, but the reality is I have just been lazy and couldn’t be bothered. However, now I have my arse in gear again, heres a new blog post.

Now if you know me, you will know that I love Justin Bieber, and have done since 2009. Yes I am one of the original beliebers who has been to My World World Tour, This Is Justin Bieber (ITV), Believe Tour and now Purpose Tour. I was obsessed. I admit it. Now however, I still love him. I love his music, I love supporting him and I love seeing him live, but I am not that obsessed 13 year old I once was. Yes I went to the My World Tour dressed in Purple with my  Never Say Never purple 3D glasses and ‘I heart Justin Bieber’ hoodie, but times have changed and I am now 19, but man I felt like my 13 year old self on the 11th October. 

To be honest I never thought I would be so close on the Purpose Tour. When I got my tickets ‘B3, Row K’, I just thought ‘Year middle of 02, should be able to see if not I will look on the screen’. Hell no. I was the start of block 2 and three rows from the stage. 
I was a mess. I frecked out when I got to my seats. 
I just thought ‘finally after 7 years I am this close to seeing him in concert’. 
Okay I was in the second row for ‘This Is Justin Bieber’ in 2011, but there was only 500 people and it was for TV, not his own concert. 
Anyway, lets get on to the photos…. 

To see more photos and videos, check out my Twitter and Instagram!! 
Love Alicia x
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