It’s the last Monday of September, which also means that it is the last of the University posts. The final University post is all about staying fit at university, without having to join the gym or a sports club. Although, if you do join a sports club then you may just fall in love with a sport that you never thought you would. 

Let’s get one thing straight, I have never been to a gym. I don’t like working out in front of people, unless it is dancing, then I would do that all day everyday. 
Over the past two years or so, I have found a love for working out to Youtubers. With so many to choice from, there is something for everyone. Also, a lot of these Youtube channels now create their own workout plans that hundreds of people follow. 


If you want quick workouts, then the channel to go to is Lucy Wyndham Read. Lucy has lots of workouts to choice from on here channel, as well as a monthly plan on her website. I started following her after watching one of her videos with Anna Saccone at the beginning of the year and fell in love with her 4 minute HIIT workouts. They are so quick but they will make you SWEAT. 
My Favourites include:


I heard about Blogilates about 2 years ago now, and I can honestly understand why here channel and her workouts are so popular; she encourages you throughout each workout just to keep going. She is totally positive in all of her workouts. From PIIT, to quick ab workouts and a monthly workout plan on her website, there is something for everyone. The workouts may be challenging, but you honestly do see results. 
My Favourites include:


If you have not heard of Em Sheldon, then go and follow her blog because it is amazing, but Em has recently started to put some workout videos up on her channel as well. These quick workout videos are a great way to add on after doing one of Blogilates PIIT workouts or LWR 4 minute HIIT workouts. 
My Favourites include:


Okay, Tone it Up isn’t one of my favourite workout channels, but the pair do do some great workout videos, that are about 15 minutes long. My favourite has to be ‘Total Body Tone Up‘, as when I first did it it felt like 2 minutes instead of 15 minutes, but it felt really good. I couldn’t tell you my top 4 favourite workout videos from TIU because I don’t have 4 favourites. 


There are plenty of FITNESS channels on Youtube, but my favourites always come from people that are personal trainers. For example I love Carly Rowenas one song workouts whether thats for the abs or the butt and I know she is properly qualified, so I have no regrets after watching her videos. The same goes for Fitness Blender, whose videos I don’t tend to watch as much as before, but I love their warm ups and their HIIT workouts. 
Youtube is also a great place to go if you are looking for Yoga. At the beginning of the year I took part in the 30 Day Challenge on ‘Yoga with Adriene’, which I would highly recommend, as it makes you feel all kinda brilliant and you will soon be able to do the downward dog and the splits.

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