If you have just started university and have a blog, then you are about to start a great juggle: University v. Blogging. Yep, it maybe a bit of competition of what gets your attention more. In fairness, it should probably be your university work, because ya know you are paying £9000 and will come out with a degree. On the other hand, you could also become a major blogger. Decisions. 


One of the key parts on how to juggle between the two is to plan and organise. Plan out your week, wether that is with university deadlines, when you have to go to work, other events and when you have time to blog. Setting your self a few hours a week to blog and almost ‘take time out’ of university and focus on your blog. I would recommend buying a diary for university anyway, or use your phone/laptop calendar.

If your heart isn’t in it, then don’t do it. 

If you really don’t feel inspired to blog, then don’t. You probably wont feel happy with your content and then start to fall out of love with your blog. It is better to take a rest than almost forcing posts out there. If you don’t want to write posts, you could always take photos, tidy up backstage (design, emails etc). 

Take breaks. 

Take breaks from university and blogging. Don’t stress out. Enjoy your down time and come back fresh and new. It helps.

Love Alicia x
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