It has become a common characteristic of a student, that students are poor and in debt. Yes, most students are, but there are some ways to get around the whole sigma of being a poor student. Even if you are a student, we all like to save money, and be a bit tight with money. It’s cool. 

First things first, Student Cards. 

NUS card & Uni Days, you have probably heard of both of them. For the NUS card, you have to pay £12 to begin with and it lasts a year. Uni Days is an online website and app, which you dont have to pay a thing for, just enter your student email address and you get discounts. 
NUS cards can have there advantages. A lot of shops and restaurants will NOT accept your uni days app, or your university card. They have to write down your NUS card number and your name. So if you want to save in store (and when you are abroad), then the NUS card is a good idea.
Uni Days on the other hand, is great for shopping online and it is FREE. Similar to shops, a lot of online websites such as Topshop, now only accepts your Uni Days code and not your NUS card number. 
Both have positives and negatives, but I would suggest getting at least one of these, or both. 


Similar to NUS card, invest in a 16-25 railcard even if you are not a student. You get to a 1/3 of rail fairs and you can use them across the whole country. If you do have an NUS card you also get around 11% of the price of the railcard. So instead of paying £30 for the year, you get just over £3 off. 

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Now if you are a student then food and booze (alcohol) will probably be on the top of your list. Go and sign up online for a Tesco Clubcard, Morrison Match & More card, Sainsbury’s Nector Card or Marks & Spencer’s Sparks Card. You get points for when you shop, which then means vouchers or money off. Winning!
I have to say I only got like one voucher from Tesco’s throughout the whole of first year, but the points can soon add up!
While I’m on the subject of shopping, lets talk more about what’s out there for clothes, beauty, stationary etc. 
O2 Priority is a great way of saving money and getting some freebies. You do have to be on O2 though. Sign up, download the app and starting getting stuff. They often do freebies with Thortons, The Body Shop, Halfords etc. Also on Mondays you can get lunch for a £1 at Boots, WhSmiths and a few other places. On Tuesdays, you can often get a FREE hot drink at Cafe Nero as well. 
If you are more into your beauty, then get your hands on a Boots card and a Superdrug card. The Boots card is slightly better as you can build up your points quicker, but the with the Superdrug card you can earn points and get student discount when you show your NUS card. However, the good thing about the Boots card is, they often have tripple points days, spend vouchers in the post for even more points and if you have the app you can earn even more points. For example, the other week I spent £48 in Boots and got over £8 worth of points. 
You can also get a Paperchase card, where you dont actually earn points but can get a few discounts with them. With Foyles, if you sign up in store you can receive 10% off each purchase. 


If you like your coffee (or Tea), then get a Costa card or Starbucks card. With the Costa Coffee Club card you earn points for every £1 you spend. 

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