First things first, Congratulations on getting into University!!!!

You are probably excited, nervous, slightly terrified and just want to go to university now. Yes, most of us have had them feelings as well. You are excited to move away, meet new people and start a new chapter of your life. University can be a great place, but there is a few things you should know before starting university. Here are 10 things which I wish I had known and should have done when I went off to university last September. 
1. Just say ‘HI’
When you are all in the same boat, then at first everything can seem quite awkward. On your first day just say ‘hi’ to all your new flat mates, and introduce yourself. Maybe take some food, like biscuits or sweets to break the ice. Same in lectures/seminars/classes. Just say hi to the person next to you, or maybe offer them some sweets if you happen to be getting them out of your bag for yourself. 
2. Procrastination is REAL
Don’t worry if you procrastinate. Everyone does it. Whether its writing or planning an essay, revising for a test, not planning your presentation to the night before, skim reading what you need to know for a discussion at 9am the next morning, not going to the library or even not going to some lectures. It happens to us all. The best thing to do, is not to stress, because you will do it because you know you actually want to achieve and get a good grade after paying £9000 a year. 
3. Don’t be scared of the lecturer
At the end of the day if the whole group fails, it will kinda be somewhat down to them and somewhat down to the individuals. They are quite a friendly bunch, as long as you email them formally, they don’t mind all of your questions. Go along to their office hours and they will help you, and you will probably learn more and get a better grade. 
4. There are a lot of fake people at university 
Don’t except to be best buddies with your flat mates or that person you sat next to in your first lecture, because a lot of the time that won’t happen. People can be lovely at first, but then awful as you progress throughout the year. Go out and meet people like yourself, and don’t change to try and fit in with your flat mates. 
5. Budgeting doesn’t make you a loser
Yes, some people won’t budget and think its okay and quite funny to be 1000s into their overdrafts, and then can’t afford the basics like food and toiletries or (alcohol), they may think they are the best person because they just keep getting into more debt. At the end of the day, you have got to feed yourself for the first time, buy books for your course, have transportation costs, and other unexpected costs. Get your self a meal planner, plan out your meals and trust me you will have some extra dosh. 
6. Missing a lecture isn’t the end of the world, but don’t make it a habit
Missing one or two lectures aren’t the end of the world. Most lectures put their powerpoint up on Moodle or some other university system, and you can catch up. Just remember they don’t always put them up, and will say more important things that you need for a test rather than it being on a powerpoint. Also, when you attend more lectures you are more likely to get a higher grade. 
7. Join societies and sports clubs
This is something that I deeply regret doing. Go out of your comfort zone and join as many societies and sports clubs. You may drop out of some, but you will also make friends and meet people with similar interests as yourself. 
8. University isn’t a fashion show 
You are not walking in London Fashion Week, you are walking into a lecture to sit there for an hour or two, and no one really gives a crap what you are wearing or how much or how little make up you have on your face. If its a 9am, in the middle of winter and you have had 2 hours sleep, then you don’t have to be dressed up to the nines. Just go in what makes you comfortable, and if that is heels and a dress, then rock that; or if it is tracky bottoms and a plain tee and trainers, then rock that too. Trust me, no one cares. 
9. Presentations and participation sucks 
You may have to do them, but they suck. Presentations actually suck more when you are in the group, because the person that doesn’t do any work still gets the same grade as you. Participation sucks, because the lectures make you talk, and if you don’t talk or don’t know something they will mark you down. Personally I don’t think this is far, especially when they will outright tell you that, that answer you just said was wrong. You then don’t want to talk again. 
10. Finally, have a ball!
Have fun at university. Enjoy your self. University isn’t just about the academic side, but its also about having fun, finding yourself and having the best experience you can possible have.

Love Alicia x
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