We really do rely on social media and quite frankly that is quite frightening. Most of us use social media every single day, whether thats Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram or for those who own a blog as well. 

Social media is huge and we are only just a small piece of it. 
Is social media really that powerful?

We use social media for basically everything. From job hunting, to talking to friends, to finding the love of your life and following celebrities. We get ideas, we want new things because we see others have them, we want that girls body, or that guys job. You only have to look on Instagram and become instantly jealous of that person because they are travelling the world or have the latest camera or bag, that you disparately want. Social media can be a jealous place, a negative place, but it can also be a truly wonderful place if you allow it to be. 
The power of social media, especially on Twitter, has a new aspect. The power to complain. 
Complaining has always been a thing. You think of the people that go into a shop because they want a refund and make a massive fuss because something didn’t taste right or it isn’t perfect in their eyes. Complaining seems to work, and people are using social media more than ever to get a response or compensation. 
This area of social media just isn’t talked about enough. 
Is Twitter the new E-mail?

I first got this idea for this post after my Dad told me about a person at his work who regularly complains on Twitter about goods or services and has received quite a bit in compensation after hearing nothing back from e-mails or phone calls. 
We are all doing it. We share are opinion and firms get back quicker to us because it isn’t a personal email that no one else will see. The tweet is public and can easily be seen by a couple of thousands of people or even millions depending on who you are and what you are complaining about. These brands don’t want to have negative feedback that can so easily be seen. 
I have done this. I used Twitter over sending an e-mail to a brand, because I knew they would get back to me quicker. Well I can tell you I was right. Within a couple of hours I had a reply and they gave me instructions to what to do. This brand was Sephora, because they didn’t put my points on my beauty card while I was in America. Within in a few hours since tweeting my points were added to my card. Now, this could have also happened if I had sent an email but who knows?
Brands don’t want to look bad on social media, it affects them as a brand, and we all know how damaging social media is; especially if the brand is coming across negative. 
Living through social media. 

Social media platforms can be complete and utter bull, but we all still use it. Think of the times you have been on instagram, rolled down and liked photos, felt a bit jealous, become body conscious and wish you hadn’t have opened the app.
Instagram may make people’s life look fabulous but there is always a different side of the photo you see. 
You may seen travel bloggers posting photos of them in incredible places, but then we don’t know the story behind the photos, that have been edited and filtered to make them look even more incredible. We don’t know if that person has saved up for years to take this incredible job, or if they were just lucky? Who knows, but these days we tend to put everything good about our lives on social media. 

The status about where people are jetting off on holiday, getting a new car or being promoted; wedding photos or prom photos, they are all there. Personally I don’t like Facebook, but that didn’t stop me posting a photo from Instagram from New York and Spain on my Facebook to show to people where I have been and what have I been doing. I’m not one of these people who writes 10 statuses a day about how brilliant or how shit their life is (if you are one of them people then continue to be one of them people, and don’t let people stop you either).

However, sometimes you have to think to yourself ‘why are people posting this photo, or writing that tweet’, maybe it makes them feel better about themselves. Perhaps they have achieved something that they never thought the would. Or maybe that photo is from a couple of months back and in reality they are not out there at that moment in time doing amazing stuff, but just sitting there doing nothing.


Cyberbullying. Now this is an area that I wasn’t going to touch on, because I don’t know enough about the subject. I have been lucky enough to never have been bullied via social media, from people I don’t know. The only time I have experienced it is from my own family, where there was some quite harsh comments. 
My Story. 
For me, the only time I have been in my opinion cyberbullied to some extent was in 2012. This was the summer of 2012. I had just received my year 10 GCSE results and I had managed to get an A* in my English literature exam (the good old Mice of Men one), and it had got back to my cousins. The next thing I know I get messages and stuck up comments because I did well in an exam and I was bloody proud of it. They on the other hand were jealous. They hadn’t achieved anything at GCSE, didn’t do A-levels and neither have jobs. I can understand why they were jealous. It didn’t really affect me much. Yes, I don’t talk to them but thats fine. 
In terms of cyberbullying, social media has become a tool. A powerful, negative tool, that if used by the wrong people can be horrific. 
The positive power of social media. 

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a very positive place. Think of the people that have only got on in their lives because of social media. 
The musicians that were found on Youtube, who are now famous in their own right. 
The youtubers and the bloggers, who have put effort and time into making content and are now self employed. 
Social media is a power, and it can be negative or positive. It is whatever you make it to be. 
What are your views on social media, and the power of social media?

Love Alicia x
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All opinions in this post were my own. 

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