One thing I love more than anything is exploring new places, especially seeing new places around the world. Holidays for me are not just sitting around the pool or laying on the Beach, although sitting around the pool with a Pina Colada and a good book is extremely nice. I love the thrill of exploring, honestly I would do it all the time if I had the money and the time. 
This time last week I was in Aquadolce on the Costa Almeria, a very Spanish small town on the coast, halfway between the busy tourist areas of Malaga and Benidorm. Well actually slightly closer to the Costa Del Sol. In an isolated hotel, full of Spanish families, in the middle of the mountains, it was as far away from your typical family holiday to Spain that we all know and love. It is truly Spanish, in every sense of the word. From Flamenco dancing one evening, to Paella at lunchtime, and everyone being only able to speak Spanish. We were literally one of three English family in the hotel, but there was something special and exciting about that. 
📍Aquadolce, Spain.
Set between Roquetas De Mar and Almeria, this small town is full of scenery. Admittedly, the hotel was not in the heart of the town, it was on the coastal road between the two towns. It was just there amongst the mountains. People were diving into the sea from the cliffs edges, you could go for a swim in the not so still Med, or just sit around the pool and enjoy the views. 
📍Diverhotel, Aquadolce. Spain. 
📍La Alhambra, Grenada. 
If you are looking for breath taking views of Grenada and the Sierra Nevada, then the Alhambra is for you. The old Morrish palace and fort, is full of spectacular sights, history and gardens. However, they have time slots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This does mean that you will have to wait around for your slot. Are slot was 2pm, although we were there an hour and a half before hand. However, it is worth it for the sights. Although it can be painful doing a lot of walking around the fort  in the heat in nearly 40 degrees. 

📍Oasys Mini Hollywood, Tabernas. 
The old spaghetti western filmset is truly fascinating; you feel like you have been taken back in time to the 1800’s and somewhere in Mexico or America. The film set for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, as well as a Zoo is simply a great day out. The film set itself has a Western style show on and a Can Can Show on during the day. 
To check out more photos of my trip to Spain, you can check them out on my Instagram!
Love Alicia x
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