Excuse the very dirty looking Jack Wills make-up bag, but this bag keeps my everyday face. I just find having my daily makeup in one bag so much easier than it all separated across draws or boxes etc. Also, one of the things I love about Jack Wills Make Up Bags, is that they may look small, but they fit a hell of a lot inside. Most of the items in the bag I use every single day, although sometimes if I really can’t be bothered I will literally go for the bare minimum. 


In terms of face products I do have a few in the bag, but the primer I use tends to differ each day so I don’t actually have a primer in my bag and thats probably because I don’t really like any of them. So if anyone has any recommendations for a primer which is idle for oily skin then please let me know. The foundation that I have been using is the L’Oreal True Match foundation in the shade 2N, I think I preferred the older version of this as I find this to be a bit too runny for my likeness, but I really like how it looks on my skin especially coming into spring and summer. Next up are two concealers both from the same brand: Collection Lasting Perfection. I have the lightest shade in ‘fair’ and then the second shade in ‘cool medium’ which is definitely more my skin colour. The ‘fair’ colour is great under the eyes to make me look more awake. Blusher and highlighter wise the L’Oreal Blush Sculpt  in Soft Sand Ambre, is the go-to. I either just use the darkest shade by itself or I mix all three together. The last face product in the make up bag is my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in transparent, which is just a long time favourite of mine. 

To no surprise I have two of the Maybelline colour tattoos in On and On Bronze and Creamy Beige. If you want to find out more about them, then click here to read about the collection, so I don’t bore you hear. For brows I have the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Sable, but I believe this is actually the colour they have in one of their brow sets, and I also have the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel. It wouldn’t be a ‘whats in my make up bag’ without my trusty favourite mascara from Maybelline: Lash Sensational! I have had this mascara on all day (so about 12 hours now or maybe longer) and my eyelashes still look amazing. This one is the waterproof one. Another eyeshadow product is the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, which is just so easy to use and you can create quite a few looks as well. The last two eye products in my make up bag are two eyeliners, which is something that I don’t really wear. The first one is a pencil from No. 7 which is the stay perfect one, which I have been trying out but honestly I’m not that impressed as it just seems to smudge every where. The other eyeliner is a product that I have talked about before and its the L’oreal Super liner, which I just find super easy to apply and it lasts. 

In my make up bag I actually don’t have any lip products in there and thats probably because they are just out on my desk or in my bag any way, but I am going to mention a few. The first two are from MAC and are Twig and Velvet Teddy, which are two really easy day lipsticks. I also have an Urban Decay one in Native, which was also mentioned in my Spring Lipsticks. Another lip product which I use every single day, morning and night, is the Carmex Lip Balm which is just a life send to my lips. 
Love Alicia x
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