The end of April is here, and the three day weekend can commence (unless you have to work, I know the feeling). Bank holidays can either be amazing, or quite frankly boring, and that is normally down to the weather most of the time. However, bank holidays can be a time for where you can try new things, so I have created a list of 10 things that you could do over the bank holiday weekend. 
1. Take a trip to a museum, or perhaps a castle. 
2. Find a new and exciting recipe and have a go. 
3. Have a go at yoga (youtube) by yourself or with friends or family.
4. Start a new book. 
5. Find a DIY on pinterest and get creative. 
6. Go and visit a garden centre and maybe have a tea and cake.
7. Go for a walk (beach, forest etc) somewhere new.
8. Go for a bike ride with friends or family.
9. Have a clear out! 
10. Go to the cinema or watch a film at home. 

Love Alicia x
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