There is something very british about afternoon tea and the thought of afternoon tea, mixed with a classic story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, there is something quite unique about it all. The Sanderson hotel in London’s West End does a themed afternoon tea around the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The cakes and the savoury element, as well as the teas are all based on the book and it is something completely different from other afternoon teas.
On Wednesday 23rd March I took my mum to The Sanderson for Afternoon Tea, as a present for her birthday (which was back in January) and as a mothers day present, as my mum has never been for Afternoon Tea before. I had seen lots of photos of this particular afternoon tea going around instagram and it looked really nice – which it was – and I though that this would be the perfect place. Now, I did actually get a deal which made the afternoon tea slightly cheaper at £40 which also including a cocktail. I believe that it is normally about £48 and then about another £12 for a cocktail and if you want champagne it can get quite expensive. My tip would be to look around on as there is often quite few deals that do come up. Personally, I really enjoyed the afternoon tea, yes it was quite expensive for what it is, but you are probably paying for the location at the end of the day. 
In The Sanderson, you are sat outside in the courtyard which is covered by a marque and is heated, so you don’t even feel like you are outside. Your savoury food comes up first, and you are allowed the smell the tea that you want to try. I went for the ‘Mad Hatter’ tea, as I don’t like the taste of normally tea, and this tea happened to be a green tea but I think was infused with blackberries. My mum went for a normal english breakfast style tea, but there is around six teas to try or you can have a coffee. Then once you have finished your savoury section, then the cakes are brought up, and oh my are they good. Yes they are very sweet but when you take your time and just enjoy the cakes you sort of forget about it. The good thing is, if you don’t finish all the cakes you can take them home, which is always a plus side. 
Overall, from my experience I would recommend this afternoon tea if you are looking for something special or have a special occasion coming up. I did go to another afternoon tea in London back in July for my birthday and I believe it was £25 per person with a glass of champagne, which is a cheaper option. However, most hotels do, do afternoon tea these days as well.

Love Alicia x 


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