Back in November I did a post on a couple of things that I had learnt since starting university and today I thought I would a part two of this. Primarily because today marks the last day of the spring term and all my assignments, tests and essays are done for this term, so I thought I would do a bit of a reflection of this time and 5 things that I have learnt since my last ‘What I have Learnt Since Starting University’ post.

1. The Essays are not the hard part, its the planning whats the killer. 
Okay essays are just as hard, but they get easier once you plan. It may take a good week to plan an essay, but that is because of the hours scrolling through google scholar to try and find a source that is relative to the essay. Then the most annoying thing happens when you find a really good source but then you have to pay like £70 to access it and the the university library online doesn’t have it. That fucking sucks. However, once the plan is over and done and is in depth it is basically copied into an essay format with some jazzing up. Admittedly writing up the essay does take a good 6ish hours. 
2. It is okay to miss classes/ seminars / lectures 
It is not the end of the world if you miss a few classes or lectures here and then, as long as the lecture slides go up online you are fine. The ones you kinda can’t miss is when the lecture doesn’t put up the slides or the listen again thing and then you are in the shit, especially when the class or lecture test is on it. Classes are mostly pointless anyway accept if you get marked for participation or you have an in class test or you have do a presentation. 
3. If you are drunk enough then student clubs are not as bad as they are when you are sober 
I think that one explains it in its self. 
4. You will never read everything off of the reading list (most of it is pointless anyway) 
When the lecturer things you can read 100 pages from their module at the same time as reading for the other three modules you have, yeah thing again because thats never going to happen. Most of the time the material will never be usefully in an essay (I’m look at you Conflict and Cooperation module) and it is never in the test. Like today I had a test and admittedly I did do some of the reading for the module like last night and none of the reading came up and instead there was irrelevant questions about Chinas judicial services. I’m on a politics course not law. 
5. Nobody knows what ‘International Relations’ is 
Every time someone asks me ‘what course at you doing’ and i’m like ‘International Relations’ and they have no fucking idea. So i’m just like its basically politics and they still looked confused. Plus politics is actually really interesting. 
So there you have it, 5 more things that I have learnt/experienced since starting university. What have you learnt recently about something? 

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