I think there has been a tag floating around about this somewhere, but every post I have seen has really random questions and they are all different in each post, so I thought I would just make up my own tag of ‘When I was Younger’.

Favourite Memory?
On my 10th Birthday we were in Spain, but we actually went on a day trip to Gibraltar and although I did cry (for reasons I am not going to explain), when on the funniest things happened that day. My mum nearly got attacked by a monkey on the rocks. It’s okay because no one got hurt, but I always look back on it and laugh. 

Favourite Food?
Jammy dodgems which were just a classic, I was obsessed with them and me and my best friend always just to have them. 
Favourite Childhood Party?
I can’t remember how old I was but my parents finally let me have a bouncy castle in the garden and it was just such a fun day. I don’t think the weather was great, but I had a Bratz cake so all was good. I think I was about year 3 maybe so about my 7th birthday. 
What did you want to be?
Well I wanted to be a designer. I just used to love drawing and designing things. In fact I wasn’t actually that bad but I haven’t draw anything for about 7 years now. My dream when I started High school was to be a graphic designer and sometimes I still wish I kinda followed that path. 
Greatest Primary School Memory that first pops into your head?
There is a memory from reception when I always used to play with the dolls house we had, but that isn’t the greatest I just loved that dolls house and didn’t want anyone else to play with it. Also, being a captain in Sports Day in Year 6. That was fun, I got to boss people around. I’m probably going to have to say Year 6 like ‘leavers party’, where we all dressed up fancy and then a boy in my year went mental outside with sticks and stuff and the teachers like locked us in the hall so none of us would get hurt, but yet again not the greatest. I liked the dressing up for book day. 
Actually my greatest memory was when we did ‘The Great Fire of London’ play in year 3, and I was a dancing flame and it was so much fun, unforntutaly that day was also July 7th 2005. If you don’t know what happened that day in London then just google it. 
What was your favourite TV Show? 
5ive I think it was called. It was on every morning on channel 4 or channel 5 at about 7am and I used to watch every morning before school. One time I won a competition and got loads of ‘cool’ merchandise. I also loved Barney when I was really young, Bananas in Pyjamas, Zoey 101, That’s So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverley Place. There was also another program that had colourful houses in Scotland and the theme tune was really catchy but I can’t remember what it was called. 
What Is your first living memory? 
Now I don’t know if this is because I have seen a video or because I just remember it, but it has to be January 1st 2000. Yes I know thats precise but I remember being along the Clacton seafront with my Dad and Nan and my Mum was working and thats about it. Apart from that it is possibly Disneyland Paris and meeting some characters in a restaurant and queuing up for a photo with characters from Toy Story 2. 
What was your favourite book? 
I loved all the ‘fairy’ books. I can’t remember what they were called but there was a huge collection of them and they were just great. 
Bratz or Barbie? 
I had more Barbies than Bratz. I also had two dolls houses from my Barbies and three cars whereas I didn’t have really anything for my Bratz, but I still loved the the Bratz films. I’m going to have to say Barbies. 
I nominate you all to do this little ‘when I was younger’ tag, you can add in some more questions if you like or whatever floats your boat really. 
Love Alicia x

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